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Status Codes

There are four different status codes used by  to identify the status of every attendee. You will see these status codes on your Roster report and on confirmation views:

Active - the registrant has successfully registered and has indicated and completed some form of payment indication.

Hold - the registrant has successfully registered, but has not completed the Paypal payment section. This is often seen when a registrant has abandoned the Paypal screen and may or may not have returned to the registration. In all cases,  sends a preliminary confirmation to the registrant stating:

Normally, no details of the registration are shown.

Any registrant who chooses the Paypal payment option will receive this preliminary email. This is because the Paypal payment screen can be abandoned with the registrant leaving their payment status unknown.

If the registrant returns to your event and looks up their registration, they will see:

The financial section indicates that a Paypal payment was initiated. There is also a Make a payment link that will lead the attendee to a screen where they can continue on to Paypal again, or choose another payment type (if available).

Cancel - indicates that you as the event administrator has canceled this registrant. Note that canceled registrants still appear on the Roster report.

Test/Preview - indicates that this registration was made in Test/ Preview mode. These registrants also appear in the Roster report, but can easily be deleted by selecting the Delete test registrations link on the Event home page.

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