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Report builder

The Report Builder is an enhanced roster report that allows much more selectivity:

You can create 'selective' rosters using this feature.

For example, if you need a list of only a specific registration type, status code, session or payment method, you can use this report builder to create an on screen list and/or a delimited file that you can use in Excel or similar.

You can select multiple items in each drop-down by holding the <ctrl> key as you click each item:

Unless you check the Create QC File box, you will just get an on screen list.

You can request that your selection criteria be displayed with the report by clicking the display criteria data box:

This will display on your report:

There is a separate selection screen that can be used to create financial reports:

You can select to view the financial reports based on a date range or an ID number range.

The Fee Summary Report will list the selected registrants and show you the fee. The column labeled Registrant fee is the amount paid by the registrant. The column labeled Client Fee is the fee we collect from you. Usually they are the same if you are passing on your fee, or the Registrant fee would be zero if you are subsidizing the event fees.

If you click the ID Number links, you will see a menu of items relating to that registration. If you click the Invoice ID you will see details of the registrants financials:

Click the Attendee Financials link and you will get a report of invoices and payments received or credited to each individual registrant.

Again, clicking the ID Number will direct you to details of an individual registrant, clicking the Transaction ID will lead you to details about that transaction:

The Client Invoice Report will show you a list of our invoices to you for service fees and if there is a balance due, it will be shown:


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