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Sessions are designed for users who need to provide a list of registration options that will be applied to (or asked of) each registrant.

Sessions may be priced and can have inventory.

The above example shows three sessions which are distinguished by the time of each session. The session details can be examined by editing an existing session:

Sessions can be shown to specific registration types if needed:

In the example above, sessions for this merit badge clinic are shown to registrants identified as Scouts, but not to Adult leaders.

When the sessions are displayed on the registration form, they will look like this - using the above example:

These sessions are set up using radio buttons - only one option can be selected for each session.

You may also use checkboxes on sessions, but there can still be only one option checked. Checkboxes would be appropriate if want to allow the registrant to 'uncheck' a session. With radio buttons, the only way to accomplish that is to offer a None or No option for someone who changes their mind.

For very long lists of sessions, a drop down list may work better. Drop down lists allow only a single session to be chosen  - if you want the registrant to be able to 'uncheck' a session in a drop down, you would need to offer a None or No choice.

If a session element is full, it will be greyed out or shown as 'Not Available' in the case of a drop down presentation.

Sessions are NOT compatible with the option to collect data for the payee only:

I.e. all attendees must be selected (that is the normal default).

Even though the description of this option is "Sessions", it can be useful for additional registration issues, specifically where you need to ask for priced items on a per person basis.

An example might be a medical meeting where you will be providing various tests to attendees for a fee.

In this example, we want the registrants - individually - to select their (optional) health screening tests:

Super Panel -                               25.00
Prostate Specific AG, Serum           15.00
Thyroid stimulating hormone           15.00
Prothrombin Time                         12.00
LipoProfile                            55.00
Lyme Ab, Total/lgM Responses        60.00

We can set each test up as a separate 'session':

There is a single entry (session) for each item. When the items are displayed on the registration form, they will look like this:

And - they will be asked for each registrant. The alternative, using Additional items would not ask for items by individual registrant.

We have recently added the ability to use check boxes for session choices. This means that a session may contain items where the registrant can choose multiple items:

This method works just like radio button session choices, except that the registrant can choose multiples.

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