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Additional (Priced) items

Priced items are used to add additional options to your event that have a monetary value.

The Priced Items display looks like this:

To add a priced item, click the add priced item box:


You can describe the item and enter the price. If the item has a limited supply, you can specify the maximum quantity available.

As on most data entry screens, there is a more link that will expose further options:


You can specify a maximum quantity per order. You can also specify a date range that this item will be available. You might do this for items that require some lead time before your event, such as T-shirts that need to be prepared in advance of the event. You could specify the last date that these items can be ordered and they would show as not available after that date.

You can also specify which registration types (if more than one) should see this item and/or whether the item is required.

You can change the order of the Additional items.  Just hold down the left button on your mouse and drag the item to a new position.

As in Custom Questions, you can specify that this entry should be a line break (extra blank line), horizontal line (a line on the form) or free text if you wish to further explain a following item.

You should also review Sessions.  Sessions will be applied to each individual registration, whereas Additional Items are asked only once per checkout - i.e. if two people register on the same registration, only one set of additional items are requested. In the case of sessions, session choices are asked of EACH registrant in the case of multiple people registering. Sessions may be priced and may have an inventory.



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