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Create an event

As soon as you complete the Sign up screen, you will be directed to a screen where you can provide basic details of your event:

If you specify that you will be collecting money (click the yes button), the screen will be expanded to include this dialogue:

If you specify Credit Card via PayPal you will have to enter your PayPal email address. Note that registrants with PayPal  accounts can pay with their PayPal balance or a credit card.

If you have a merchant account and we have installed it for you, you will see a different display, including credit card  types that you have approved.

When you create an event, you will be stepped through the various screens available for any event:

You can complete all of these screens as they are presented, or you can just click the next link at the top of each page, then return to each of the screens at your leisure and complete them.

You can alter any of these screens at any time, including after your event has started.

Enter your event name/ title. You can select the type of items that, for example registration, that you will be selling for your event. If you don't see what you are selling, just pick the 'other' choice and you will be given the opportunity to enter your own text.

This data - what you are selling - can be changed at any time on the Setup Tab  (Edit General section ).

Select the start date and end date for your event.

To do this, click the check box and use the drop down list to select one of your events. This can save a lot of time as most of the data will be copied over to the new event.

You can also use a pre-defined PlanetReg template to start your definition.

We often add new templates for your use.

If you copy from a template, you will still need to edit all of the setup screens to correspond to your event.

Enter your Event Name/ Title, select the start and end dates for your event and choose the time zone.

The time zone is relevant to the end date and time for your event. You will have the opportunity, later in the set up of your event, to set an end date and time with regard to accepting registrations for your event. See Edit Settings

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