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Paypal: How much does Paypal cost

Generally, Paypal charges 2.9% plus US$ .30 per transaction.

This is regardless of whether the registrant pays with a credit card or from their own Paypal account. Paying from your Paypal account means drawing the funds on deposit with Paypal, or funds from the members bank account if the member is a Premier or Business member.

If the member is a 'regular' member and they do not have funds on deposit with Paypal, they must have a credit card on file.

In all cases, a Paypal member can choose to not log into their Paypal account and simply use a credit card to pay for a transaction.


It is a good idea to erase your email from the Paypal payment screen if you wish to pay by credit card.

Note that you must have a Premier or Business account for people to pay you with a credit card. If you have only a personal account, people can only pay you with their own Paypal funds (Funds on deposit with Paypal).

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