MSTA Star 2018
June 10 - 14, 2018
La Crosse, Wisconsin


Sunday Through Thursday morning
June 10 - 14, 2018

Radisson Hotel La Crosse
200 Second Street South
La Crosse, WI 54601

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Registration Information

Please select the appropriate registration types below.

If you are registering your partner (spouse, SO, roommate, etc.), you must register them as a Guest unless they are actual MSTA members (Member of Household is an MSTA member).

You can register more than one person at a time; i.e. Member and Member of Household, Guest, etc.

Instructions regarding how to book your hotel room will be provided on your confirmation. You will have a link to register on-line and a phone number if you prefer to call an make your registration that way. Rate is approximately 130.00 per night, taxes included. That rate includes a free breakfast.

The hotel web site - do not use this to book your room:

If you do not know your MSTA member number (asked for on the next page), we will look it up and add it your registration.

You MUST be an MSTA member in good standing to attend STAR. If you are not a member, please join us now:

Join the MSTA here

If you would like to update and/or renew an existing membership:

Update and/or renew your membership here

We will be checking the MSTA membership database to verify your membership type.

If you are a Sustaining/Life member, and you are registering a Member of Household, be sure to select the correct Member of Household type below.

To reiterate - if you are registering your companion as a Member of Household, they must be an MSTA member (Members of Household are full members). If they are not, please register them as a guest. Banquet tickets are included in guest registrations. Guests do not participate in door prize drawings.

If you are submitting  STARBUCKS, please use the coupon code (next screen) to indicate this. You MUST mail your  STARBUCKS to the address shown on your confirmation before your registration will be considered complete. This will allow you to pay your balance using either Paypal / Credit card or check.

Coupon codes (enter on next page):

STARBUCKS5 through STARBUCKS40 - in 5.00 increments only (40 STARBUCKS MAXIMUM) - indicates that you will be mailing STARBUCKS for part of your STAR fees. If you have other amounts, let us know before you complete your registration.

Note that raffle tickets this year are available on line and you will have a link in your confirmation to buy raffle tickets. They will still be available for purchase at STAR.

Raffle tickets are available at an Early Bird rate of $8.00 per ticket until May 15, 2018. On May 16 the price will change to $10.00 per ticket. The bike this year will be a 2017 Kawasaki Versys 650 LT!
If you just want to buy raffle tickets - click this link:
If questions, please contact us at
Registration     Price Quantity

Early Bird Rates - Register on or before 5/15/18

Regular Member Early Bird (By 5/15/18)     $65.00
Member of Household where Primary member is   
a Regular Member - Early bird (by 5/15/18)
Sustaining or Life Member (10% discount)   
Early Bird (By 5/15/18)
Member of Household where Primary Member is   
Sustaining or Life Member (10% discount) - Early   
Bird - (by: 5/15/18)

Guest - on-site includes banquet Wednesday   
Guest - includes banquet Wednesday evening     $40.00

Normal Rates - registering after 5/15/2018

Regular Member (After 5/15/18)     $75.00
Member of Household where Primary member is   
a Regular Member - (after 5/15/18)
Sustaining or Life Member (10% discount)    
(After 5/15/18)
Member of Household where Primary Member is   
Sustaining or Life Member (10% discount) -    
(After: 5/15/18)
If you need to cancel your registration, please notify us via phone 970-667-0460 or email:

If you do not received a cancellation confirmation you are not cancelled!

If you have made a hotel reservation and you cancel STAR, you must cancel your own hotel reservation by calling the hotel.

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