Small Groups Ministry 

This ministry is designed to provide Biblical learning and networking opportunities to the membership of Berean Christian Church.  This is achieved through offering classroom opportunities throughout the church calendar year that are designed to help believers learn a deeper level of knowledge, commitment, and service in their Christian walk.  The Small Groups Ministry is open to all members who desire to connect with other believers while strengthening a relationship with Jesus Christ.

February 18 - April 26, 2019

Berean Christian Church-DeKalb
2201 Young Road
Stone Moountain, GA 30088

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Becoming - Michelle Obama
This small group is for those interested in diving deeper into First Lady Michelle Obama's memoir and exploring aspects of race, gender, motherhood, relationships and career.

Winning the Battle Over Negative Emotions - Dr. Kerwin B. Lee
This small group is for those interested in learning how to properly process hurt, shame, defeat, anger and guilt.   
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Tuesday 10:00am-12:00pm    
Monday 7pm-9pm    
Saturday 10am-12pm    
Wednesday 7pm-9pm    

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