School of Biblical Studies

May 5 - June 2, 2019

Berean Christian Church-DeKalb
2201 Young Road
Stone Mountain, GA 30088

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I'm Saved, Now What?
The word salvation means to save, preserve or to deliver from destruction, danger or great calamity.  Upon accepting Christ as their personal Savior every believer is saved from going to hell and preserved for heaven.  The number one plan of Satan is to prevent people from becoming Christians. 
Once you became a Christian Satan was upset, but he did not give up on you.  His next plan is to prevent you from knowing beyond a shadow of a doubt that you are a Christian. How can you be assured of your salvation?  This class is for new and seasoned christians and explores the role of Christians in the world.

My God before My Money
Are you looking to become a better steward of your finances?  Do you want to save and spend money wisely?  This class will give you the biblical and practical wisdom on how to better manage your finances to maximize resources.  This is a four week class.

Three's Company: Understanding the Holy Trinity
One class that is mandatory for every seminary student is a course called Christian Theology. What is theology? Theology is the study of God and His works.  The best way to get a better understanding of theology is to discover what the Bible has to say about God.
A failure to have a biblical view of who God is will result in incorrect information about God being communicated. This study is designed to share some basic biblical information about the names and nature of God.  As a result of this class, you should be able to share with others what the Bible has to say about the character of God.

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