Intelligence for the C-Suite and Stakeholders

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February 24 2019 - December 31, 2020
7:45 AM



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Intelligence for the C-Suite and Stakeholders
This is a one-day (6 hour) course designed to educate corporate leadership and stakeholders in cyber and threat intelligence.  There is a general awareness of the need to establish intelligence functions. Many organizations do not have a fundamental understanding of what intelligence is, where the function should reside, how it is different from business and competitive intelligence while understanding the overlaps and natural points of integration. This one day course targets corporate leadership delivering a clear and coherent training that equips stakeholders with the understanding and tools they need to assist in building a successful intelligence program.

2019 Course Dates - Locations 
Jan 14-18 Cyber Intelligence - Amsterdam, NL - Completed
March 4-8 Cyber Intelligence - Reston, VA - Completed
March 11-15 Cyber CounterIntelligence - Reston, VA

June 17-21 Cyber Intelligence - Atlanta, GA
July 15-19  Cyber Intelligence - Hoboken, NJ
August 5-9 Cyber Intelligence - Herndon, VA
September 9-13 Cyber Intelligence - Zurich, Switzerland
October 7-11 Cyber Intelligence - Ft Myers, FL 
November 11-15 Cyber Intelligence - Ft Myers, FL
December 9-11 Cyber Intelligence Collection Manager - Ft. Myers, FL

NEW COURSE - Cyber Intelligence Collection Manager - May 6-8, 2019 - Fort Myers, Florida
Intelligence for the C-Suite (On demand)


Registration Information - Dates and Times TBD
  • High-Level Outline
    • What is Intelligence?
    • What is not Intelligence?
    • Strategic Plan development, acceptance, and dissemination
    • Mission
    • Vision
    • Guiding Principles
    • Roles and Responsibilities
      • RACIs
    • Intelligence Strategic Challenges
    Stakeholder checklist and stakeholder management groups with strategic and tactical activities definition for intelligence, description of needs and products. This will include:
    • Intelligence: Role, Definitions, and Concepts
    • Basic Concepts Concerning Intelligence
    • The Strategic Intelligence Process - Operations to Tactics
    • The Role of Strategic Intelligence and Its Impact on Stakeholders
      • Operational, Technical, Tactical
    • Why Stakeholders and Executives Need Strategic Analysis:
      • Strategic Analysis Leading to Strategic Decisions
      • Implementing Intelligence Programs 
        • The Treadstone 71 Method 
      • Challenges for Stakeholders to Accept Intelligence
      • Stakeholder Views: Impact on Intelligence
    The Role of Intelligence Management
    • Functions and Capabilities
    Threat Intelligence
    • Threat Intelligence Platform
      • TIP Selection Process
    • Source Data Analysis
    • The Need for Sharing – Safely/Securely/Trust
    • Actors and Campaigns
    • Mitre ATT&CK
    • Threat Matrix
    • Intelligence Risk
    Issues, Tactics, Techniques, Methods, and Principles Managing Intelligence Projects
    • Goals / Objectives
    • Maturity Model and Tracking
    Providing Focused Leadership
    • Leading the Team
    • Understanding Issues and the Process
    • Analysis Overview
    • Collection Management
      • Intelligence Requirements
        • Priority Intelligence Requirements
          • Measurements of Effectiveness
          • Indicators
          • Indicators of Compromise
          • Indicators of Change
    • Production Management
      • Evaluation
      • Analysis
      • Integration
      • Interpretation
    • Analytic Writing
      • ICD 203, 206, 208
      • Who/What, Why Now, So What, Impact So Far, Outlook, Implications
      • BLUF and AIMS, Supervisory Actions, Summary Paragraphs
      • Peer review
      • Reports and Reporting
        • Feedback
        • Estimative, Warning, Advisories, STEMPLES Plus
    • Know your professor, get an A – Communicating Up
      • Relevance, Timeliness, Completeness, Accuracy, Usability
    • Dissemination
    • Feedback Loop
    Analyst Activities
    • Rules for developing analysts - Alignment and as collectors/researchers
    • The Role, Responsibilities, and Functions of the Analyst
    • The Analyst’s Roles and Responsibilities - RACI(s)
    • What the Analyst will face
    • Job Descriptions
    • The Executive / Stakeholder's Roadmap
Corporate stakeholders risk investing large amounts of time and money with little positive effect their security, corporate strategies, and business direction. The C-Suite and Stakeholders participating in this course ensures their understanding of the discipline required to build a successful program. The course helps align information security, incident response, security operations, threat and cyber intelligence with the business.


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Event Details

DATE TBD. 7:45AM - 5PM 

Target audience:  CEO, CFO, CIO, COO, Chief Legal Council, Head of HR, Business Department/Division Leadership, etc. 

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