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Depreciation Lands Museum
4743 S. Pioneer Rd
Allison Park, PA 15101

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 Local history, intriguing exhibitions, and exciting programs...
all of these come together at the Depreciation Lands Museum!
Your membership will extend for 12 months - a full year of benefits!

Share the Museum:  a DLM Membership makes a great gift or raffle basket item!

Membership privileges for  an individula or  household include:
      - Free admission every Sunday
      - Free admission to the Hydref fall festival, the 1st Saturday in October
      - Reduced entrance fees to many special events, camps & classes
      - Discounted rates for Facilities rentals
      - Invitation to attend monthly DLMA meetings
      - Email notification of special museum events
      -Access to the DLM Library and research materials

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Membership     Annual Membership Quantity

Individual Membership     $15.00
Household Membership      $25.00
Gift Household membership     $25.00
Raffle Household Membership     $25.00
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