18th Workshop of the European ALARA Network
[joint with ISOE]
ALARA for Decommissioning and Site Remediation

11 - 13 March, 2019
8:30 AM

Institut de Chimie Separative de Marcoule (ICSM)
Site de Marcoule
Batiment 426, BP-17171
F-302017 Bagnols-sur-Ceze, France

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The (preliminary) programme is available here !

The aim of the 18th EAN workshop is to examine the application of the ALARA principle in the specific areas of decommissioning and site remediation. The aims and objective are outlined in more details on the EAN website here. This workshop is jointly organized with the ISOE Working Group on Decommissioning (WG-DECOM). The workshop will consist of presentations highlighting the key issues and also working group discussion sessions. 

The programme is organized around the following topics:
  • Session 1. - Setting the scene;
  • Session 2. - ALARA in the decommissioning of nuclear installations;
  • Session 3. - ALARA in the decommissioning/remediation of sites outside the nuclear sector;
  • Session 4. - Transversal and overriding issues: the holistic approach, waste, communication etc.  
- 11th and 12th March afternoon: working groups discussion (participant will select the topic of their working group from a choice of 4 options during the registration process). 
13th March afternoon (optional) : a great opportunity for technical visits: InfoDem installation and/or HERA facilities and/or Phenix reactor (fast-breeeder) (subject to last minute modification with regard to participation and work on-going on the installations). 
Deadline for inscription to the technical visit: 22th February [closed]

Key information
  • The workshop will take place at the Marcoule Institute for Separation Chemistry (ICSM) at CEA-Marcoule Nuclear Centre, France, from 11th March 2019 (registration start at 08 h 30) to 13th March afternoon. The hosting organization is the CEA-INSTN, Member of the EAN.
  • An ID card or passport is required if you intend to take part to the technical visits.
  • Bus shuttles way & return are provided between Avignon city centre and ICSM: 
    • Meeting point at Avignon: Boulevard du Rhône parking lot [just near the 'Pont d'Avignon'] ;
    • 11th March : meeting at 07h30, departure at 07h40 ;
    • 12th and 13th : meeting a 08h00, departure at 08 h 10 ;
    • N.B. the 13th March afternoon, the bus shuttle will drop-off at Avignon TGV station before Avignon city. 
  • No particular hotel is recommended. Avignon offers a wide range of hotels to suit all budgets. Participants can also choose to stay at Orange or close to CEA-Marcoule (but will not benefit from the bus shuttle).  
  • Registration fee is 200 €. This covers the participation cost for the venue and the technical visits, the lunches, coffee breaks and refreshments and also the bus shuttles on each day.  
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