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Bring a meal to a family any number of ways:

Home Cooked Meal
Fast Food when Applicable

How it works:
An email request will be sent to every volunteer who registers.  If you're able to help out for that particular request, click the link that will take you to the web-site ""   Enter the recipent's last name and password provided in the request email.  The information for that recipient will be included on the web-site, limiting your need to make phone calls or coordinate times.  We will provide all of that for you, unless there are exceptions.    If you unable to help out for that particular request, just wait until the next request comes through.  We're asking for a minimum of one meal per year (regardless of the number of request)  More participation is encouraged.   This invitation is open to anyone who would like to participate.  Once you select the Volunteer Button below, fill out the form and thats it!

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