Application for Introduction to Applied Behaviour Analysis - Part 1, Instruction course

Completion of this course provides the participant with an overview of ABA history and theory, with an emphasis on practical applications in school settings. Participants will have the opportunity to practice teaching using discrete trial and task analysis formats. They will also see how ABA principles are applied to other teaching situations and to program development for students with autism spectrum disorders.
goals of this course
  • to learn basic ABA theory and definitions
  • to learn how to implement basic ABA instructional strategies and techniques
  • to learn how to collect reliable and consistent data when working with students

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NOTE:  This course will not qualify participants as a behavioural analyst, nor to act as a consultant.  It will provide participants with the knowledge necessary to carry out behavioural programs with children under the direction of a school staff with experience in autism and relevant educational qualifications.

If you are looking for qualification in assessment and program design, then a rigorous program of training, supervision, and evaluation over time is required. For information on training and qualifications for Board Certified Behavior Analysts or for Board Certified Associate Behavior Analysts, see the Behaviour Analysis Certification Board at

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IMPORTANT INFORMATION - please read before proceeding

This application page is for individuals who are not employees of a BC School District/BC independent school and would like to take POPARD's Introduction to "Applied Behaviour Analysis - Part 1, Instruction" course.
  • If you are not employed by a BC School District or independent school and would like to attend this course, you must first complete this online application for POPARD's review. Upon acceptance, POPARD will notify you by email regarding registration and payment details.
  • If you are an employee of a school district or independent school DO NOT fill out this application. Instead, go back to the POPARD website and choose the appropriate link for school district employees.



If your application is approved, the following fees will apply:
  • $75 non-refundable administration fee
  • $300 tuition fee
REFUNDS: The $300 tuition fee is refundable, but only if a written request for refund is received by POPARD at least 2 weeks prior to the first day of class (all refunds are subject to a aprocessing fee).

REMINDER: Fist, complete this application for POPARD's review; then, if you are approved, POPARD will contact you by email regarding registration and payment.

NOTE: Fees paid for in-house POPARD courses are not transferable to courses held in school districts or other locations.
Please note that Proficiency in English language is required for POPARD courses. You must be able to speak/listen and read/write English to a standard equivalent to grade 10 high school English or better.  Take a moment to review all of our Course Policies and Registration Information.
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