East High School Class of 1960 Reunion
September 24 - 26, 2025

November 24 - 26, 2020

Whispering Creek Golf Club
6500 Whispering Creek Drive
Sioux City, IA 51106

When it comes to researching potential colleges, the process takes place primarily online, whether it be looking through university websites or emailing the admissions office with any questions you may have. While this over-the-Internet research is a great resource for write my essay online, it cannot completely replace the value of in-person conversations.
College fairs are unique for two reasons: one, they provide you with the opportunity to have an informative conversation with someone who is knowledgeable about the college's academics, campus, and cost, without the impersonal nature of email or having to wait a full day for a reply; two, they are one of the rare moments when a large number of universities come together for your convenience and benefit, rather than you having to pursue each of them individually. Simply put, a college fair is an ideal and rare opportunity for you to question and explore dozens of colleges in a single day. So on college fair day you want to be sure to show up with a list of the top colleges you are interested in speaking with, and the questions you wish to ask them. Here are a few recommended questions to get you started:
What sets this college apart from other colleges?
There are going to be a large number of colleges that offer the same programs and incentives as the one which you are learning about. Be sure to ask what sets this college apart from the rest. If you know the degree you are interested in declaring and the programs you are most drawn to studying, tell the representative and get his or her honest opinion of the university's strengths and weaknesses in that program.
What are the strongest academic programs at this school?
Every school has the programs that it touts as having highly qualified professors, receives the most notoriety, and may even be nationally recognized as the best school to attend for that particular program. For example, MIT is considered the ideal destination for computer science and technology majors, while Harvard is considered to have the strongest business and law programs. By asking this question you can get a sense of the programs that the university values the most and will likely invest the most energy and resources into maintaining.
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