UCSB Dance Video Audition 2019

January 27 (Incoming Freshmen/Transfer Students)


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After registering here, please create an audition video after reading the following guidlines.

Video submissions must be posted online (e.g. YouTube, Vimeo, or similar site) and should be relatively short (6-7 minutes). The applicant should demonstrate their ability in contemporary modern dance and classical ballet techniques. These areas comprise the core of our curriculum.  Email a link to your video submission to Vice Chair of Theater and Dance, Christina McCarthy at ucsbdanceaudition2019@gmail.com by January 27, 2019 for cosideration.

For your video: Please wear form fitting clothes and hair tied back. Start your audition video with either a clear verbal recitation or a printed/written placard with your full name. 

Ballet: (3-4 minutes) a short section demonstrating barre exercises in a clear side view to show body alignment. You need only to perform these exercises on one side. Please include plié, tendu, développé, rond de jambe, and grand battement. In the center, show pirouette en dehors and first arabesque in an adagio sequence. Conclude with a simple waltz/grand allegro across the floor. 

Modern: (2-3 minutes) a short phrase showing changes of direction and speed, jumps, floor work (descending and risign) and traveling through space. If you have studied a recoginzed modern technique, such as Graham, Limón, Cunningham or Horton, show that. If you have studied other contemporary dance techniques, show that. 

If you are unfamiliar with modern or ballet technique, please show us an example of your current dance ability. We are able to assess your suitability for our program even if you do not currently study ballet, contemporary or modern dance. 

We do not encourage submitting dance performances. If that is the only material available, we will try to evaluate it. 

Auditions for the Dance program and applying to the University are separate processes. Students should contact the Office of Admissions for more information about University application materials and deadlines. Acceptance by audition to the Dance program does not guarentee acceptance to the University. Students must meet the Office of Admissions requirements for University acceptance consideration.

If any further questions arise, please visit our website www.theaterdance.ucsb.edu or email the Theater and Dance Undergraduate Advisor, Sean O'Shea at sposh@ucsb.edu

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