Edgar Steam Show 2022

August 26 - 28, 2022
9:00 AM

Edgar Steam Show
223755 Steam Hill Dr
Edgar, WI 54426

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Please read each step carefully as there are notes on each step that may be applicable to you.

This is for reserving a campsite, not the actual registration for camping. Your REGISTRATION will occur on the day you arrive at the show!

Please note... the campground layout has changed from prior years... your site last year may no longer be the same site or same area.

Minimum Camping Fee this year will be $50 and will be NON-REFUNDABLE!!! Your donation plus minimum camping fee will help to pay for the shower trailer (no add'l cost to you, donations at trailer will be for cleaning workers as a tip). Any additional donation will be appreciated as this helps in campground improvements for coming years.

Camping fee and cost of wristbands are due upon arrival. Wristbands must be worn day of arrival and be on until the end of the show. $10 daily or $25 week with children 12 and under for free. There is also a $20 fee for ATVs / UTVs / Golf Carts / Lawnmowers / etc used for personal transportation, no exceptions, unless for handicap use. Proof of insurance needs to be presented at time of registering this vehicle. See link for more information on these vehicles: https://www.edgarsteamshow.com/_files/ugd/a33f5f_ac317b050db042bb82cd9fa4991e8322.pdf
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This is for reserving a campsite only, it does not register you in for that campsite. That is done the day you arrive. Please, only 1 reservation per camping unit per family per campsite.

If you need multiple campsites, the other sites MUST be in that person's name (not your name as they need to provide their information on their camping unit) for registering upon their arrival. There is an option for groups... Distinguish yourself with a group name for ease in mapping you together. Please have them do there own reservation with your "Group Name". Duplicate names will be eliminated with 1 remaining in that person's name.

Show Admittance is a separate fee and payable at the showgrounds gate. Motorized vehicles on showgrounds, like golf carts, ATVs, etc will need to be registered, proof of insurance provided and fee paid.

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