April 1 2021 - March 31, 2022

Membership for the
2021-2022 membership year

Do not use this site IF you registered for the 2021 conference.
Conference registration automatically confers membership.  
Membership fees will not be refunded to those who thereafter register for the upcoming conference.

Memberships, whether purchased as stand-alone or with registration, run from April 1 of one year through March 31 of the next year, and include voting rights in the annual elections as well as subscriptions to the Social Science Journal and the WSSA News.
Registration     Price Quantity

Professional - 2021-2022 WSSA,   
04/01/2021-03/31/2022, voting rights and   
subscriptions included
Student, full time only - 2021-2022 WSSA,    
04/01/2021-03/31/2022, voting rights and   
subscriptions included
Retiree, no longer active in field -   
2021-2022 WSSA, 04/01/2021-03/31/2022, voting   
rights and subscriptions included
Joint, with 1 other person at the same   
address - 2021-2022 WSSA ,   
04/01/2021-03/31/2022, voting rights   
and subscriptions included

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