Northwest Colonial Festival - Non Renenactors

August 11 - 14, 2022
10:00 AM - 5:00 PM

Washington Lavender farm at The George Washington Inn
939 Finn Hall Rd
Port Angeles, WA 98362

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Registration for Volunteers (including Children's Workers, DAR/SAR Presenters, Display Booths, and other Non-Reenactors 

Volunteers: Ticket takers & registration, parking, security, grounds attendants and aides d'camp

Children's Activities: under the direction of Julie Hatch, Cheri Sckorohod and Karen White

Display Booths: DAR, SAR. George Washington Speaks, Educational Booths, other Non-Profits

Vendors and Artisans:  Demonstrating or selling 18th century style items.  Sutlers who do not have 18th century period-correct displays.

Registration     Quantity

Non reenactor such as DAR/SAR or Volunteer    
Volunteer Setup Details:

SETUP: Set up is available all day Wednesday August 10th.
On other days, set up and teardown must occur before 9:30am or after 5:00pm.

TEAR DOWN: The festival will close at 3:00pm on Sunday afternoon to allow time to tear down and load up before too late.

VEHICLES: All-day parking and modern camping is available outside the gate.  For set up and tear down only, vehicles may enter the gate between 8:30am and 9:30am or after 5:00pm.  A cart/wagon will be useful if you are transporting items during the day.

PERIOD GUIDELINES: This is an 18th-Century Event covering the timeline of the American Revolutionary War. Your efforts to represent this specific period with clothing, tenting and accoutrements are always appreciated. However, 
18th-century dress is not required for volunteers.

FOOD: No food will be provided by the event coordinators or the Colonial Event staff. Individuals are expected to provide for themselves or partner with someone who is preparing food. There will be a food vendor on property for those who wish to purchase food.

MILITARY DRILLS:  Noise from these drills is to be expected. The schedule for each day will be provided.  

FACILITIES: Porta potties will be provided for your use.

DRINKING WATER:  Water is provided at the edge of the camps.

PETS: No pets are allowed inside venue. ONLY certified service animals are permitted (not emotional support animals).

GEORGE WASHINGTON INN: As a reminder, access to the Inn is restricted to registered guests at the Inn. No reenactors, volunteers, or visitors are permitted inside the white fence surrounding the Inn except as specifically identified by the owners.

The goal of this event is 18th-Century education. Thank you for being an integral part of helping us with this mission.

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