2021 ArtWalk Summer on the Streets Artist Application

July 3 - August 21, 2021

Downtown Longmont
Longmont, CO

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May's large Art Festival, ArtWalk Longmont, is being modified into smaller, weekend mini art festivals. 

Even through the pandemic, the Firehouse wants to support art, music and the local economy! ArtWalk Summer on the Streets is spread out over 8 weeks, allowing us to safely limit the amount of people gathered at once, while still offering an opportunity for artists to share their art and music, all the while supporting our local economy.

The Firehouse is happy to be partnering with Downtown businesses to offer creative activities, both as entertainment and as art making opportunities, during scheduled times on the weekend!
We reserve the right to reject applications based on content.  Please apply early as there are limited spots.  There is no vendor fee for July-August, but September's larger festival will have an artist fee but the plan is to close Main St. for that event.
Artist Vendor Booth: $0 booth fee**
Show and sell your work at ArtWalk! 
Requires a current City of Longmont sales tax license. Artist vendors must bring your own canopies, and any other materials needed to display your work. 

**Please Note: Registrataion is free, however, our registration system requires that you select a payment method. Please select "check" as your payment method. 
We want to help promote your work!

Please send 3-5 images to info@artwalklongmont.org. Photos must be in the following format:
* JPEG Images only, should be 1000px on the shortest side. 
* Names for images shall conform to the following: FirstnameLastname01.jpg where first letter of both the artists first name and  last name are capitalized. The number should be 01, 02, 03, 04, 05. For example: AmandaJones01.jpg.  

ArtWalk is a zero-waste event! 
We work with the City of Longmont and Eco-Cycle to minimize our environmental impact. B
y registering for this event you agree not to distribute materials that cannot be recycled or composted, such as plastic promotional swag, plastc bags, etc. For more information, visit  https://www.ecocycle.org/files/pdfs/Zero%20Waste%20Events/purchasing-guidelines_Zero-Waste-Events_ecocycle.pdf

Please visit ArtWalk Longmont - Firehouse Art Center for more info.

Setup begins at 3pm, the event begins at 4pm. Please be at your booth and ready for visitors at 4pm. Late arrival will affect your future booth eligibility.

The events end at 8pm and the streets must be clear of any debris, tents, tables, supplies, and people (!) by 9pm to reopen to traffic. 

Thank you!!
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All entry fees are non-refundable.

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