May 4, 2022
7:30 AM - 4:00 PM

Denver Sheraton Downtown
1550 Court Place
Denver, CO 80202

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Join us for MHFD's 2022 Annual Symposium! Online Registration is open.
The Annual Symposium will take place at the
Denver Sheraton Downtown Hotel on May 4th.
7:30 AM - 4:00 PM
This event closed for registrations on 5/4/2022
Event Details
  • Registration includes breakfast and lunch.
  • Please contact Ellie Paulsen (epaulsen@mhfd.org or 303.749.5410) with any questions.

Registration and Breakfast – 7:30AM- 8:15AM 
8:15AM- 9:35AM 
Welcome | Adam Paul, Mayor, City of Lakewood and MHFD Board Chair  
The Great Balancing Act | Laura Kroeger, MHFD Executive Director 
We are excited to introduce our new Executive Director! Hear the latest MHFD updates and Laura's vision for the District. 
One Environment |Mickey Conway, Metro Water Recovery Executive Director 
A leader in our community discusses the intersectionality of all our work and the importance of collaboration. 
The District’s Approach to Urban Stream Planning and Design | Mary Powell, MHFD 
Hear MHFD's latest work on planning and design using the Urban Stream Assessment Protocol with the goal of finding the highest functioning and lowest maintenance solution. 
Lessons Learned from the Marshall Fire | Jim Watt, MHFD 
The Marshall Fire took us all by surprise. This presentation discusses lessons learned in disaster recovery from the perspective of an organization focused on mitigating disasters. 
Break – 30 minutes (9:35AM- 10:05AM) 
10:05AM – 11:40AM 
Video Highlight: The West Fork of Second Creek – A Development Improvement Project Case Study (Hubble Creative) 
Reshaping the Maintenance Eligibility Program with Your Input | Bao Chongtoua and Shannon Carscallen, MHFD 
MHFD recently put out a survey to help us inform updates to our Maintenance Eligibility Program. In this presentation we will share back results as well as plans for the future. 
Construction Lessons from the Field | Jeff Fisher, MHFD 
A Jedi Master and Senior Construction Manager shares insightful lessons learned in construction. 
A Jedi's Guide to CLOMRs & LOMRs | Brooke Seymour, MHFD 
Introducing a new MHFD resource for Letters of Map Revision 
How to get the most from a Development Improvement Project (DIP)! | Laura Hinds, MHFD; Jerry Naranjo, Naranjo Civil Constructors, Inc.  
Development Improvement Projects (DIPs) start with a partnership between MHFD, the local government, and the developer. This presentation demonstrates how the DIP process is structured to provide flexibility to the benefit of its partners. 
Diving into Safety Grates | Holly Piza, MHFD; Christopher Thornton, Colorado State Univerity; Frank Lan, AECOM 
MHFD partnered with Colorado State University (CSU), AECOM, and the Larimer County Dive Rescue Team (LCDRT) to develop specific design guidelines for safety grates. The study put first responders in a flume at the CSU Hydraulics Laboratory to evaluate maneuverability at a culvert inlet protected by multiple safety grate configurations. Hear what we learned. 
Friend of the District | Larimer County Rescue Team  
Lunch – 60 minutes (11:40AM-12:40PM) 
12:40PM –2:15PM 
Video Highlight | Flood Hazard Zone  
Stream Management Academy | Mark Schutte, MHFD 
A quick update on MHFD's Stream Management Academy 
The American Planning Association (APA) and MHFD Planning Workshop |Lauren Platman, APA 
This April 2022 workshop, hosted by American Planning Association (APA), covered the fundamental elements of urban stream planning and design with examples of how those principles are applied to real-world projects. Hear take-aways from what we hope will be the first of many workshops to come. 
Engaging our Communities | Morgan Lynch, MHFD 
Community outreach should be tailored to the community and done with an understanding of project goals. This presentation discusses different approaches to outreach to best engage our communities. 
A Study in Pre-storation: West Fork of 2nd Creek DIP | Dave Skuodas, MHFD; Tim DeMasters, Corvus Environmental; Geno Ryken, Muller Engineering Company; Derek Rowland, Concrete Express, Inc. 
Hear lessons learned on an effort to restore a stream in anticipation of the impacts of urbanization. 
Flooded on Day 1: Big Dry Creek at Cherry Knolls Project Highlight | Nicole Harwell, Southeast Metro Stormwater Authority, and Amy Gabor, Olsson, Inc. 
This restoration project was hit with a flood immediately following construction. Join us for recounting lessons learned. 
Building Bridges: First Creek at 26th Avenue | Teresa Patterson, MHFD 
Development Improvement Projects require a high level of attention to communication. This presentation reflects on some of the complications that come up on construction projects and how a team successfully tackles those together. 
Break – 30 minutes (2:15AM- 2:45AM) 
2:45PM- 4:15PM 
Video Highlight – Cherry Creek at Iliff Project Highlight – Cherry Creek Gets a Make Over in Denver (Denver Water) 
Defining the Water Quality Event and Peak | Brik Zivkovich, MHFD 
In an effort to provide criteria and tools to design various stormwater components, MHFD explored how best to define a water quality event and specifically estimate its peak flow. 
A 10 Year Look Back - Revisiting the 2011 Log Drop Structure Pilot | Jim Watt, MHFD 
In 2011, the District installed drop structures using tree logs. This presentation provides lessons learned as we revisited the installations ten years later. 
May the Flow be with You | Teresa Patterson, MHFD 
Looking toward the future of Master Planning, this presentation explores how the next generation of design tools may look. 
Lessons Learned Joining the District |Colin Haggerty, MHFD 
Hear a fresh perspective on the transition from the private to the public sector and on MHFD in general from one of our newest Watershed Managers. 
A Moving Picture Show | Dave Skuodas, MHFD 
A visual journey into what makes all of our work so important, beautiful, funny, and inspiring. 
Closing Remarks 

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