Sharon Presbyterian Vacation Bible School
August 12-16, 2019

August 12 - 16, 2019

Sharon Presbyterian Church
5201 Sharon Rd.
Charlotte, NC 28210

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Tuition is $45.00 per child.

Families with multiple children can pay a $90 family max.

Parents who volunteer for at least one full day of VBS may register their children for a reduced rate of $25

To participate, your child must be at least 4 years old by August 2019.

Any questions, please contact one of the Vacation Bible School Directors or Church Staff:

Lauren Wheatley  803-312-1073    Sarah Brewer  704-401-7286

     Martin Pruitt - 704-553-0869

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Registration     Price Quantity

Tuition for each child - please select   
Adult Volunteer 18+     $.00
Child of a Volunteer     $25.00
Youth Volunteer Ages 13-18     $.00
Family Max - 3 Children     $30.00
Family Max - 4 Children     $22.50
Family Max - 5 Children     $18.00
There are limited seats available - maximum of 125 students, so register early.

Registration closes July 30, 2019.

Bible School operates from 9:30 AM to 12:30 PM every day, August 12-16.

There will be a special VBS Recognition Sunday on August 18.

We welcome children with Special Needs and would love for your child to attend VBS! If your child has Special Needs, please contact Martin Pruitt at Please be aware that many of our VBS helpers are lay volunteers without specialized training for children with Special Needs that may require more assistance. If your child has Special Needs that require trained skills and assistance, it is a requirement for enrollment in VBS that the child be accompanied by a parent/relative/guardian with the required skills during the entirety of the VBS session.

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