Insurance CE Classes in Billings
July 22, 2020

Hampton Inn

Billings, MT 59101

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8:00--9:50 a.m.    ABCs of Insurance Fraud (2 credit hrs--ETHICS) $30/person
10:00--11:50 a.m.    Conflicts of Interest and Rationalizations (2 credit hrs--ETHICS) $30/person
12:00--12:50 p.m.   2019 Montana Insurance Law Update (1 credit hr) $35/person
1:30--4:20 p.m.      Active Shooter Insurance (3 credit hrs) $45/person

Attend all four classes or pick those you'd like to attend.

Limited Lines producers should choose the five hours from 8:00--12:50, ethics and Montana insurance law.
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ABCs of Insurance Fraud     $30.00
Conflicts of Interest and Rationalizations     $30.00
2019 Montana Insurance Law Update     $35.00
Active Shooter Insurance     $45.00

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