August 17 - 18, 2019
11:00 AM

Nicholls Oval Park
Parkhill Rd. and Armour Rd
Peterborough, ON

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PFF 2019 Food Vendor Application
www.peterboroughfolkfest.com   pfffood@gmail.com

The Peterborough Folk Festival is proud to offer festival goers a variety of fabulous local food to enjoy while they are in the park. 

Electricity Note: We've got the power! To simplify set up and increase site safety the Peterborough Folk Festival will be providing generator power which may be accessed by all food vendors (details below). We are asking that vendors not bring additional generators on site as they have posed sound and safety issues in the past.

Application Details 

FULL WEEKEND: Saturday, August 17th, 11am-10pm AND
Sunday, August 18th, 12pm-6pm
Booth Fee: $300

Registraton deadline: August 1st*
*To be guaranteed inclusion in the printed Peterborough Folk Festival Program Guide, registration and booth description must be received by 5:00pm on August 1st, due to print deadlines.

Please note that this is a registration request only. The PFF endeavours to ensure that the festival offers diverse and delicious food options in order to delight our visitors and to ensure our vendors will have a rewarding experience. Our Food Coordinator will contact you to confirm whether or not we have space for your booth in 2018.

All festival food vendors must comply with the new standards set by the Peterborough County-City Health Unit. All PFF food vendors must submit copies of their most recent food handlers' certificate, or kitchen inspection report (if food is prepared off-site) to our Food Coordinator upon acceptance into the PFF. Food vendors must also fill out and return the Food Vendor's Application for Special Events (page 8) to the PCCHU (by mail or fax) no later than two weeks prior to the festival.

PFF will provide: 
  • a designated space in the food vendors area in Rotary Park on Saturday, August 17th and Sunday, August 18th 2018 to sell food
  • containers for waste and recyclables
  • access to an onsite ATM
  • a listing on the PFF website, and a link from our website (www.peterboroughfolkfest.com) to yours
  • inclusion in our printed program (registrations must received before 5:00pm on August 1st)
  • a vehicle pass (vehicles may not enter the site before 8:00am and must leave by 10:45am. Vendors will be allowed to bring vehicles back on the site briefly at 10:00pm Saturday and 6 pm Sunday. A pass will be emailed to you after your application has been approved, and vendor fees received)
 Vendors will provide:
  • a brief description of their wares, including any available information about food sourcing
  • a sun/rain awning (max. 10' x 10') securely weighted/staked.
  • signage for their booth
  • any tables and chairs required for their booth
  • personnel to staff the booth at all times
  • any other resources required for food service
  • safe, hygienic food handling, preparation and storage to comply with Peterborough Health Unit Standards
  • Must submit a filled out copy ot the Special Events- Food Vendors Requirements,  and a copy of Proposed Menu. If food is prepared off site a copy of your most recent Premises Inspection must also be submitted. These forms must be received no later than 3 WEEKS BEFORE THE FESTIVAL in order for your space to be guaranteed. 
  • liability insurance
  • lamps for night vending. 
  • HST collection
  • A thorough cleanup of their site at the end of service. Please remove all belongings and garbage. Leaving behind a messy site will be cause vendor to be excluded from future festival events.
  • The PFF is not responsible for lost, stolen or damaged items.
  • There will be no refunds. This is a rain or shine event.
  • Vehicle pass must be displayed in vehicles to ensure they are not towed.
  • No outside Generators are to be used.
Zero Waste Initiatives:

Like many other festivals, the PFF has implemented a zero-waste policy. 2007 saw the introduction of several programs designed to lessen the environmental impacts of our “one last sweet summer weekend.” Now, we’re doing whatever we can to make it even sweeter.

Our green initiatives take enormous amounts of volunteer power. Our “green team” takes care of everything from sorting garbage and recyclables to toting wagonloads of dishes to the nearest industrial dishwasher for sterilization between uses. We’re formalizing our request for our food vendors to help us tread more lightly.
  • The PFF will once again provide unlimited purified/spring water to guests. As of the 2008 festival, commercially-bottled water in individually-sized bottles is not to be sold at the Peterborough Folk Festival. We strongly encourage (and really hope for) the vending of other delicious beverages.
  • Polystyrene (“Styrofoam”) is no longer recyclable in the City of Peterborough. We ask that vendors use the reusable plates and cutlery provided by the PFF. In the event that these are not available (due to delays in washing etc) vendors may use their own plates but they must be biodegradable or reusable.
  • Please email pfffood@gmail.com with questions about our zero-waste policy.


The vendor shall meet all conditions stipulated in this document. Failure to comply may result in immediate dismissal and rejection from vending at the Peterborough Folk Festival in future years. The Peterborough Folk Festival Inc. reserves the right to add conditions necessary to the safe operation and preservation of the natural environment of the site. The vendor releases the Peterborough Folk Festival Inc. from any and all liability related to participation in this event. Any change to this contract shall be in writing and initialed by vendor and an authorized representative of the Peterborough Folk Festival Inc. 
This event closed for registrations on 8/18/2019
The Peterborough Folk Festival takes place from August 17-18, 2019.

Vendor's Checklist
  • Vendors fee of $300
  • Read and understood each page of the contract
  • Have business/vendors license
  • OK to operate with no water access
  • Inform vendor coordinator if electricity is required
  • Can conform with Peterborough Health Unit standards
  • Must submit a filled out copy ot the Special Events- Food Vendors Requirements,  and a copy of Proposed Menu. If food is prepared off site a copy of your most recent Premises Inspection must also be submitted. These forms must be received no later than 3 WEEKS BEFORE THE FESTIVAL in order for your space to be guaranteed. 
  • Checked with insurance carrier
  • Agree to use festival's reusable dishes/ biodegradable dishes if needed.
  • Services, website URL and/or email address, festival menu and prices included on separate sheet
  • Can provide table, awning etc. as mentioned under “Vendor Will Provide”

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