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January 25 - 30, 2020

St Louis Airport Marriott Hotel
10700 Pear Tree Ln
St Louis, MO 63134

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Thank you for choosing to join us at FLOAT 2020!

You should be REALLY excited right now!...You're just a few minutes away from officially joining the FLOAT Family as we get ready for our 2020 convention. 

Simply choose the registration option that applies to you, fill out all the necessary info, pay your fee and BOOM! You're in...it's that simple.

But before you do, make absolutely certain you review our cancellation policy, outlined further down on this page. We want to make sure you go into everything with all the info you can before plunking down your hard-earned money.

Thanks again! We're looking forward to seeing you in St. Louis in January!
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FLOAT 2020 Registration Fee      $499.00
International FLOAT Registration      $325.00
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10700 Pear Tree Ln
St Louis, MO 63134
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FLOAT's Official Inclusion and Cancellation Policy for Our 2020 Convention



International Delegate - $325.00 US** (those living outside the Continental US including Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico and US Territories)

Fast FLOAT Registration  - $399.00 US** (May 17 - July 31, 2019) 

Early FLOAT Registration - $450.00 US** (August 1 - October 31, 2019) 

FLOAT Registration - $499.00 US** (November 1, 2019 - January 11, 2020)

FLOATation All-Access Pass - $950.00 US*

* Limited to twenty five (25) available only
** Subject to availability - if and when the convention sells out, then all registration dates no longer apply


*Access for the one (1) named registrant to attend FLOAT 2020

*Access for the one (1) named registrant to attend the twelve (12) general class sessions held from Monday, January 27, through Wednesday, January 29, 2020.

*Access for the one (1) named registrant to attend the Vendor Showcase held on Monday, January 27, and Tuesday, January 28, 2020.

*Access for the one (1) named registrant to attend the Opening Night event on Sunday, January 26, 2020

*Access for the one (1) named registrant to attend the Designer Awards Gala on Wednesday, January 29, 2020

*Access for the one (1) named registrant to attend the FLOAT Hospitality Suite, open at various times before and during the convention 

*Access for the one (1) named registrant to attend any of the other social and hands-on events held prior to or during the convention, such as the Saturday Night Karaoke Party, Prep Party and more

*One (1) Welcome FLOAT Tote for the one (1) named registrant (while supplies last)

*The ability for the one (1) named registrant to purchase access to and attend optional classes such as Master Classes, Bonus and Mega-Bonus Classes held before and during the convention (additional fees required)

*The ability for the one (1) named registrant to enter FLOAT's designer competitions, contests and drawings (additional fees may apply, as in the case of the FLOATEEs)

*The ability for the one (1) named registrant to enroll and take the CBA exam, offered by Pioneer Balloon Company, on Saturday, January 25, 2020 (pre-enrollment required)

* The ability for the one (1) named registrant to purchase an Academic FLOATBook, which contains all the class notes from all of the general classes at FLOAT 2020 (additional fee required)


The Academic FLOATBook (additional purchase)
Automatic access to optional classes, such as Master and Bonus classes (additional purchase)
FLOAT-branded merchandise such as shirts, hats, etc (additional purchase)

The FLOATation Pass includes:

*All of the bullet points marked "Access to" in the Standard Registration description

*Access for the one (1) named registrant to attend any and all Master Classes offered at FLOAT 2020

*Access for the one (1) named registrant to attend any and all Bonus Classes offered at FLOAT 2020

*Access for the one (1) named registrant to attend any and all additional optional classes offered at FLOAT 2020

*One (1) full color Academic FLOATbook

*One (1) complete set of notes from ALL optional classes offered at FLOAT 2020

*One (1) 2020 Logo T-Shirt in your preferred size

*One (1) surprise gift from FLOAT 2020

*Six (6) drink tickets, two (2) for the Saturday Night Karaoke Party, two (2) for Opening Night and two (2) for the DAG


If you register for FLOAT 2020 on or before January 11th, 2020:

If you find yourself in the position to where you can no longer attend FLOAT 2020 after completing your payment, you may still cancel your registration to FLOAT 2020 with the understanding that you are subject to a cancellation penalty of $75.00 US. 

If you have made any additional purchases such as a FLOATbook, optional classes and the like, all of those fees paid are subject to a 100% refund and are not subject to penalty. As policy of the convention, if you cancel your registration to FLOAT 2020, you would not be able to purchase an Academic FLOATbook regardless, so any such purchase of this item would be automatically refunded. 

Please note that the fee charged by PlanetReg.com once you register for FLOAT 2020 is non-refundable. 


After January 11th, 2020: 

If you are unable to attend FLOAT 2020 for any reason after January 11th, 2020, including but not exclusive to medical issues, family emergencies, business decisions and the like, while you can cancel your registration for the convention, you will not be entitled to any refund at all from your registration fees.

If you need to cancel your registration after January 11th, 2020, you are entitled to a refund of any additional purchases you may have made including Master and Bonus Classes, Academic FLOATbook, souvenirs, etc. However, you are also not eligible for any refunds of your PlanetReg.com charges or fees. 

Transfers and Roll-Overs

Due to growing abuse factors over the past two conventions, FLOAT no longer allows delegates to sell their registrations independently to others. If you are unable to attend FLOAT 2020, you need to follow the cancellation policy.

Along these lines, delegates are not allowed to sell or transfer their enrollment in optional classes at FLOAT 2020, whether it be Master Classes, Bonus Classes or Mega-Bonus Classes. If a delegate wishes to withdraw from a class or is unable to attend the convention, they should notify FLOAT management so we can arrange for a refund of said charges paid for those classes and your name released from the attendee list in that particular class(es).

Delegates are also not allowed to sell or transfer their access to the Designer Awards Gala to another attendee or guest. If a delegate at FLOAT wishes to bring a guest to the Designer Awards Gala, a guest pass needs to be purchased from the FLOAT management team prior to January 20th, 2020. 

The only exception to the transfer policy is that a company is allowed to transfer a registration from one employee to another within their own company. For example, if you purchase a registration for an employee who no longer works for you as FLOAT draws closer, you can transfer that registration into the name of a different employee within your own company. However, under no circumstances will you be allowed to transfer that registration to anyone outside of your company.
Similar to our transfer policy, due to growing issues of abuse over the past two conventions, FLOAT has had to eliminate it's rollover policy. As of February 4th, 2019, FLOAT no longer allows delegates to rollover their registrations for the next convention should they be unable to attend. This is why our cancellation deadline has been extended well into January; this will allow people to collect at least a partial refund of their registration fees if they are unable to attend.

Please understand that if you have received roll over permission for your registration from 2019 to 2020 prior to February 4th, 2019, you are only allowed to use the rollover amount towards the cost of the new registration. In other words, you can simply cannot assume your rollover entitles you to automatic registration for FLOAT 2020. While the amount you paid will be applied to your 2020 registration fee, you will not be permitted to simply walk into FLOAT with the assumption that your rollover covers 100% of your registration.

While we completely understand that you may have a very valid reason to have to cancel your registration, you also need to understand that FLOAT is dependent upon the registration fees from our delegates to cover the operating costs of the convention. Just as you have to have cancellation policies with your own clients, we do as well. The two-week deadline is absolutely our "line in the sand" as it were, so please understand that any such reasoning for these policies is not personal but rather a professional and business decision that must be made in order to protect the operation as well as the longevity of the FLOAT Convention series. 

Partial Payments and Deposits

And again, due to growing abuse factors over past conventions, FLOAT no longer allows delegates to make partial payments or deposits in order to lock in discounted prices. If you wish to secure a price for your convention rate, it will need to be paid in full at the time you register. Failure to do so will result in your registration being cancelled out and any reserved spaces you have released.

Other Issues or Policies

The FLOAT Executive Producer and production team reserve the right to make changes to the cancellation policy as needed. 

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