2022 ArtWalk Artist Application

September 10, 2022

Downtown Longmont
Longmont, CO

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Hello! We are accepting applications for the September 10th ArtWalk. The deadline is Sept 1st. Registration fees are non-refundable.
ArtWalk is a family-friendly, all-ages event for the Longmont community. We feature artists and your creative work, while creating a fantastic, interactive, creative ArtWalk for everyone!
 (We reserve the right to reject applications based on content.)
Artist Vendor Booth: $50 booth fee
Show and sell your work at ArtWalk! No demonstrations necessary. 
Requires a current City of Longmont sales tax license. Artist vendors must bring your own tents. 
To apply: No fee needs to be submitted at the time of application. Please submit this form with at least three photos of examples of your work (see instructions below). We will approve your application, and then ask you to pay your booth fee to hold your spot.
Artist-In-Action Booth : $25 booth fee
Bring your process to the street! ArtWalk will provide street space for artists who demonstrate their art-making techniques on the day of the event.  Thank you for showing the community what you create and how.  There is a reduced booth fee due to the demo.  Artists will need to provide tent and table. 
Artists-In-Action may sell their work during the event, but a current City of Longmont sales tax license is required. We encourage you to bring an assistant to help with sales as you complete your creative work.
To apply: No fee needs to be submitted at the time of application. Please submit this form, an artist’s statement describing what artistic process you'll be showing attendees at the event, and 3 example images of your work (see instructions below). We will approve your application, and then ask you to pay your booth fee to hold your spot.
Please send 3-5 images to info@artwalklongmont.org. Photos must be in the following format:
* JPEG Images only, should be 1000px on the shortest side. 
* Names for images shall conform to the following: FirstnameLastname01.jpg where first letter of both the artists first name and  last name are capitalized. The number should be 01, 02, 03, 04, 05. For example: AmandaJones01.jpg. 
Please understand that files will be rejected and returned if it is not turned in properly and you will receive a confirmation after receiving completed application.  
Setup begins at 3pm, the event begins at 4pm. Please be at your booth and ready for visitors at 4pm. Late arrival will affect your future booth eligibility.

The events end at 8pm and the streets must be clear of any debris, tents, tables, supplies, and people (!) by 9pm to reopen to traffic. 

We look forward to hearing from you!
Registration     Price Quantity

2022 Artist Vendor Booth - Sept 10     $50.00
2022 Artist-In-Action Booth - Sept 10     $25.00
Event Details

Submissions are judged for placement. All entry fees are non-refundable.

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