Santa Rosa 140.6

Race Day
July 25, 2020


santa rosa, CA 94089

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Beautiful scenic bike course and an incredible swim ! sunny skyes and weather that never fails. grab your teams, we will pick up in new mexico and Arizona. 
Drop-off Deadline:  07/20/2020
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early season racing at its finest !  we will have pick up locations in Amarillo, TX , Albuquerque NM.and Flagstaff AZ. 

Valet Service
Stress Less. We will pick up your Bike and Gear from T2 while you are finishing your race. You can focus on crossing the finish line!

Gear Bag
Minimize your flight bags. Send your gear with us! Just hop on the plane and let us handle the rest.

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• From 45-30 days prior to your event, you may be refunded the full amount minus a $75 fee.

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