Northwest Colonial Festival

August 11 - 14, 2022
10:00 AM - 5:00 PM

Washington Lavender farm, at the George Washington Inn
939 Finn Hall Rd
Port Angeles, WA 98362

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Registration Information for Reenactors-
This year our Northwest Colonial festival weekend will be back to normal. 

Camps will be laid out in colonial militia and British fashion, along with our 18th century village named "New Liberty".

There is no camping cost to participants.  All attendees are expected to provide for themselves or partner with another unit to provide food and other requirements.
Sanicans and water are onsite and will be provided by the George Washington Society.
Note the following:
  1. The schedule will be structured around the battles which will occur at 11:00am and 3:00pm daily (Sunday the afternoon military action will be at 2:00pm). Educational activities will be ongoing throughout the day.
  2. Black powder firing; The registration process will ask if you plan to fire black powder, so please answer accurately.  Due to the landowners' insurance requirements, along with stipulations related to grant funding, we require all individuals who are shooting black powder to provide proof of approved insurance. All registered reenactors will be contacted regarding approved insurance options no later than the end of April.
  3. Please direct questions or concerns to the Event Director: Ryan Wetterlund. or call 864-238-3644) or  Event Planner: Pam Gassman or call 253-359-8007
We are looking forward to an exciting living history event to educate, demonstrate and preserve a critical part of our American history. 
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Event and Reenactor Setup Details

SETUP: Reenactor Camp Setup is scheduled to start at 8:00am on Wednesday, August 10th . We highly encourage all reenactors, especially those involved in the military action, to be on site for the entire festival. If you have questions or concerns regarding this schedule, please contact our event director (Ryan Wetterlund 864-238-3644) who will help guide you. Under no circumstances will anyone be allowed to setup during the festival hours without making prior arrangements with Ryan or Pam.

TEAR DOWN: The festival will close at 3:00pm on Sunday afternoon to allow plenty of time for you to tear down and load up before too late. If, for any reason, you are unable to stay for the entire weekend, please coordinate your departure with Ryan so that there are no obvious "holes" in the camp.

VEHICLES:  All reenactor parking will be South of the gatehouse. Loading and unloading inside the gate will be allowed ONLY before or after festival hours of 10:00am - 5:00pm except during setup on Wednesday. Be prepared to walk your gear in and out of the venue. A cart may be helpful for this.

PERIOD GUIDELINES: This is an 18th Century Event with the timeline of the American Revolutionary War era. In the colonial village and in military camps, all efforts should be made to represent this specific period with clothing, tenting and accoutrements. As a reminder, during visitor hours you are expected to be in character around the public. Make sure anything modern is hidden during this time. The battle demonstrations /drills will only include registered and insured reenactors with one of our established groups (except some of the mock drills that Andy may do with the children which doesn't include black powder!). Please contact Ryan Wetterland, Event Director if you have questions or wish to join an established group.

CAMP SITES: Please list your camp area/needs (i.e. Marquis, Military Wedge, Fly, etc.)  in the registration process. Camp areas will be available for British Military, Patriot Militia and the "New Liberty" Village Camp.
Seasonal Fire Restrictions will be in effect, so all fires must be in period braziers or enclosed fire grates. Allowances may be made for a cooking firepit subject to change anytime by the Fire Marshall. Burn bans are often in effect, so be prepared.

FOOD: No food will be provided by the event coordinators or the Colonial Event staff. Individuals are expected to provide for themselves or partner with someone who is preparing food.  NOTE:  There is a supply store about a mile away. There will also be a food vendor on property throughout the event if you would like to purchase food from him.

MILITARY: British and Colonial confrontations, military drills, and other military exercises with noise and commotion are planned. These will be on the schedule.

18th CENTURY EDUCATIONAL EXHIBITS:  Throughout the venue, there will be educational displays and activities with an emphasis on children's fun. 

FACILITIES: Porta potties will be provided.

DRINKING WATER: Water is provided. Bring your own supplies to transport.

PETS: Reenactors are not permitted to have pets with them at any time during the festival. This includes emotional support animals. If you have an ADA-specific service dog, please discuss this with Ryan.

GEORGE WASHINGTON INN: Just a reminder that the Inn and surrounding property inside the white fence is reserved for registered guests of the Inn and is not accessible to reenactors, volunteers, or visitors except as identified by the owners.

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