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4th and Main
400 Main Street
Longmont, CO

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During the 2019 Artwalk season food trucks/ vendors will be limited to 6 vendors per event, located together near the intersection of Main Street and 4th Avenue as an outdoor food court.  Once those spots are filled, registration will be closed. ArtWalk agrees to provide ample space but vendor is responsible for everything else including garbage removal/trash receptacles. It is also MANDATORY (and registration is not complete until this is complete) to provide ArtWalk with Temporary Event paperwork filed with Boulder County Health Dept.  Please contact us if you are not familiar with this process. 

We cannot supply electricity: please be prepared with your own generator.

FEES- REDUCED THIS YEAR: each event is $50 with a two-event fee of $90.

Please make sure that you get permission from Artwalk prior to paying fees.
 Please note that registration fees are nonrefundable-no exceptions. Artwalk is a rain or shine event!!!

This event closed for registrations on 8/22/2019 1:45 PM
Event Details
ArtWalk events are Saturdays 4-8pm on May 11th and September 21th. Set up for trucks can be anytime from 3pm-on with tear down no later than 9pm. Vending location will be given no later than 1 week prior to each event. 

*Please be advised that applicants must first email Artwalk to get approval for booth rental.  Registration is non-refundable.

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