February 15 - April 3, 2019
9:00 AM

VTrans Dill Building Unit A
2178 Airport Road
Barre, VT 05641

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The Vermont Highway Safety Alliance is proud to announce an award contest for Vermont (and bordering towns) high school students designed to change driving habits.
Sponsored by: The VHSA, Co-Operative Insurance Companies, The Youth Safety Council of Vermont, Midstate Dodge, AAA of Northern New England, Consultant on Police Services, and Yankee Driving School

We all know texting distracts us, and that use of a handheld device while driving is dangerous.  Despite this we see people on the roads texting and driving every day. As an applicant you have one clear mission: Create a PSA to encourage young drivers, friends, and peers, to avoid distracted driving, specifically texting while driving. Over time we can enact change and spread the message that texting, and driving is unacceptable.  Too many lives have been lost due to distracted drivers. We are asking you to help change this behavior. 

The mission of the contest: Create a Video Public Service Announcement

Phase One: Jan 15 to April 1, 2019: Review the 'Rules and Guidelines' on the VHSA Website. Create a video public service announcement (PSA), exactly 25 seconds in length. Post it to YouTube. Register and enter your submission using the Eventbrite Registration Form. On the registration form in Eventbrite paste the link to your YouTube video in the registration form field. Submit your registration with the video link on or before 5:00 PM April 1, 2019. Up to eight (8) finalists will be selected from these entries and asked to participate in Phase Two.

Phase Two: April 15th to April 29th 2019: Finalists, once notified, will receive instructions on promoting their video on social media outlets.  Winners will be judged on both the quality of the video, and the number of people reached organically using social media. There will be a special award for a “People’s Choice” category. For more information see the ‘Rules & Guidelines’ on the VHSA Website

For the video, use your creativity and express your opinion on the issue of distracted driving. You can video yourself, a group of people, make a cartoon, or compose a graphic. We encourage you to capture the attention of your peers with a clear message and persuade them to adopt safe driving habits. We do require that the PSA is in good taste, and that you do not film yourself or anyone else actually texting while driving. Abide by all state laws.

Video Contest Prize amounts:
1ST Prize: $750 - Sponsored by Co-operative Insurance   
2ND Prize: $500 - Sponsored by Youth Safety Council of Vermont
3RD Prize: $250 - Sponsored by Yankee Driving School
People’s Choice Award - $500 - Sponsored by Youth Safety Council of Vermont

The winning PSA's will be distributed in Vermont to media outlets and social media sites by the Vermont Highway Safety Alliance after the winners are notified.   
You may submit an entry as an individual, or a team, with a maximum of two (2) people designated as the points of contact for the team. One submission per person OR team.  For teams, the prize amounts will be awarded equally to each of the two designated points of contact. We recommend you not include more than five people in your video, (if you include video or stills of people) to ensure that you can easily obtain permissions (if needed) to publicly distribute the PSA. 

  • A short video presentation promoting an issue or topic important to society.
  • Has a goal of creating public awareness.
  • Should present the issue in an engaging and creative manner.     
  • The PSA can be created with a combination of copyright free stills, text, video, music, sound, effects, and/or student voiceâ€Â¬źovers. This is an opportunity to use original music written and performed by yourself, or a peer. 
  • Rules, tips for making a PSA, a checklist, and links to data/information are provided on the VHSA Website link.
  Video requirements:
  • 25 seconds in length.
  • Shot horizontally (if using a smartphone).
  • Clear and understandable with the audio and/or music, if applicable. 
  • Accurate. If you use any statistics, use the data from the listed websites in the rules and guidelines. Please note that the use of data is not a requirement, but review of the information is recommended.  
  • Original. Do not use any design elements that are not of your creation (i.e. stock photos, emojis, Apple or other branding, etc.). Avoid (or blur) all branding in your submission.  You can use existing design elements that are not of your creation as inspiration, but do not copy or use them directly in your work. 
  • DO NOT use commercial music that you do not have the express written copyright permission to use for public distribution. This includes your own rendition, or cover, of a piece of music you did not compose.  
We thank our sponsors for their generous contributions to this event:


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