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The Certificate Program consists of five modules, each with a different focus, that are designed to provide a comprehensive overview of quality management.  The modules are:
  • Module 1: Laboratory Quality Management Standards
  • Module 2: Analytical Performance Goals for Laboratory Tests
  • Module 3: Control of Nonconformities
  • Module 4: Culture of Quality and Patient Safety
  • Module 5: Ethics and Risk Management
  1. Candidates must progress through the modules 1-5 in sequential order.
  2. Candidates may not progress to the next module until they have successfully completed the previous module, including passing the quiz.
  3. 10 PD credits will be awarded for successful completion of each module.
  4. Payment is for all 5 modules. Participants have 2 years to complete the program.
  5. Fee:  $250 (CSCC members); $400 (non-member)
This event is an accredited group learning activity as defined by the CACB/CSCC Professional Development Program.

Please register according to your home province - taxes are applicable based on province of residence.

If you are a Student Member of CSCC or a Resident in a RCPSC accredited program, please contact info@cscc.ca before registering as an adjusted fee may be available.
Registration     Price Quantity

CSCC Members - $250 + taxes*
CSCC Member - BC, AB, SK, MB, YT, NT, NU 5   
CSCC Member - ON, NB, NL 13 HST     C$282.50
CSCC Member - QC 5 GST + 9.975 QST     C$287.44
CSCC Member - NS, PE 15 HST     C$287.50
CSCC Member - outside of Canada     C$250.00

Student in CACB Accredited Training Program     C$.00
CSCC Tax Registration Numbers:
(GST/HST# 132585910)
(QST# 1221398196)

Please notify the CSCC Office if you are withdrawing from the course.  Registration fees are not normally refundable.

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