hoMEworks Homebuyer Education

March 2, 2024
8:00 AM - 5:00 PM

Calumet Club
334 W River Rd.
Augusta, ME 04330

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 Thinking about buying a home?
Know before you buy!
• Understand all the steps in the home buying process
• Learn about all the costs involved
• Set goals and prepare for homeownership
• Avoid being scammed or taken advantage of
• Protect & grow your investment

About our courses:
Live classes are 8 hours in length for class time. 

Classes allow students to earn a certificate that may qualify for certain first-time home buyer rates and programs. All courses are designed to educate and answer questions, without feeling obligated to buy a home or work with a particular professional. 

About registering for our course:
If you are a Veteran or military family wishing to take advantage of the class for free, please contact our Homeownership Educator at (207) 859-1637 or lwadsworth@kvcap.org to find out how to get your code to waive the fee at time of registration.

Please note that demographic questions are part of the registration process. Information is collected and aggregated for funders such as the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, which support KVCAP's work and the ability to offer courses such as this one. No individual personal information is shared.  If you have questions regarding how information is collected and stored, please feel free to call Laurie Wadsworth, KVCAP Housing and Energy, at (207) 859-1637, or e-mail her at lwadsworth@kvcap.org.
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