Supporting Students with ASD in Your Classroom - ASDOL
(an online course for teachers)

Overview. This interactive online course is intended to provide participants with the most current understanding of evidence-based practices for teaching students with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). This course is designed for teachers who share an interest in learning about ASD and currently work with students in a K-12 school-setting.  If you would like to take this course as an EA in a classroom setting then you and your paired teacher must both take the course at the same time.

Requirements for Completion:
The minimum requirements to complete this course are as follows:
  • 45+ hours of learning to be completed over a 9-week period (approximately 4+ hours per week, depending on the week's content), including on-demand sessions, live-online sessions, readings, assignments, and completion of an independent project.
  • Participation in all live online sessions as outlined on the course syllabus
  • Access to a reliable high-speed internet connection.
  • Access to a hands-free telephone with either a built in speaker and microphone or a telephone headset with a microphone.
  • Access to a computer (or iPad or Android device) with an updated browser (Chrome, Safari, or FireFox) and Adobe Flash.
Please also consider the following:
As a participant in an online course, the more proficient you are with computers and technology, the less time you will need to spend on learning how to manage the environment, giving you more time to focus on the course content.
To be successful in this online course, you need to be familiar with:
  • Sending and receiving emails with attachments.
  • Navigating websites.
  • Downloading and saving files, including fillable .pdf files. (Get Adobe Acrobat Reader to view PDF format files.)
  • Creating a presentation using PowerPoint.
The following documents contain information to help assess if online learning is right for you, and some more tips on succeeding in an online environment: See course syllabus for further details.

January 10 - March 12, 2019

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