Texas Training Camp
featuring PRO Triathlete and coach
Raymond Botelho

training camp
March 22 - 24, 2019


the woodlands, TX

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 This camp is for all abilities, NO drop, make you a bad ass triathlete in 2019 CAMP!

Sponsors include Trishop, Velofix, Aquilo, Rudy Project, Normatec, Blue Seventy and Precision Hydration!

Drop-off Deadline:  March 22nd 6AM 
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Camp     $349.00
Event Details
The Camp cost includes transport for your bike and gear to and from the camp.Bike and gear drop off is at Trishop on 3/22 @ 6AM This camp will help prepare you for early season races including IRONMAN TEXAS! Coached by Raymond Botelho.  Reserve your spot! 
Camp Details:
This is not a particularly social training camp but you will enjoy yourself and learn a ton of valuable overall triathlon knowledge.
The camp will have recovery training (Zone 1 isn’t recovery) on up to possible Z3 or “threshold” efforts. This is predominantly a Volume -Z1 “Endurance Max” training camp planned and themed for Ironman 70.3 and especially the IRONMAN 140.6. Groupings will be determined  based on experience and your pacing(from my eyes). This is not a competition and no one gets left behind, ever!
This is a PRO Style Training Camp so be prepared for anything. You will always have ample time and the information  needed for you to be totally prepared and on time.
Have all of your own training fuel and recovery drinks, enough for 15 hours of Training.
Most of the training is set on the Ironman Course venue. 
 Intro-Raymond’s Rant
 Pool Swim
  *First Group session (bike and run)
 Pool Swim 
 Endurance Day (bike and run)
 Recovery/Custom Sessions (bike,run,strength)
 Pool Swim
  *Finale session
There is always a plan B, not based on weather! but based on how seriously and diligently the group holds up and is taking their Recovery and down time.

Hotel accomodations : It is recomended that you book hotels near the Ironman Venue in the woodlands, bikes and gear can be transported to any of the bike and run starting points by us. 

Nutrition and Food: Bring enough training nutrition for 15 hrs of training, there will be plenty of dining options within our area. 

Equipment: bring all racing and training equipment,including swim  also gear for strength workouts. paddles and buoys. 

Raymond Botelho
Professional IRONMAN Triathlete
Professional Training & Coaching

Raymond Botelho has been racing since 1994 and considers himself one of the oldest PROs in the world! He has been coaching for 10 years. His resume includes over 25 Ironman including impressive finishes in KONA (9:16) IMTX (8:43) IMCHOO (8:47) IMAZ (8:47) IM COZ (8:55) and the list goes on and on! You will have the opportunity to take your training to the next level. More details to come on location and lodging!

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