May 9 - 13, 2019

Best Western Plus Lakefront Hotel
3000 W. Marina Drive
Moses Lake, WA 98837

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Welcome to registration for 2019 WOS Conference in Moses Lake!

Online registration will be open March 10, 2019 at 8:00 AM PDT through April 18, 2018 at 11:59 PDT.  Late registration fees apply after April 18th.

Useful Information to get you started:

The registrar for online registration is Tracy Mitchell.  If you run into issues during the registration process, please send a message to tlmitche1@gmail.com For urgent issues, call Tracy directly at 206-356-9180 (note, due to high volume on the first day of registration, response time may be slightly delayed). Alternately, you can email all of the WOS organizers at conference@wos.org.  

You may register for up to four people.  All registrants need to be a member of WOS to attend the conference and field trips.  You will be asked to select the membership status for each attendee near the end of the registration.  If you need to renew or become a member of WOS, we make it easy to do that as part of the conference registration process.  Contact Ruth Godding with any questions or updates regarding your membership contact information.

Details on all of the field trips are available on the WOS field trips page.  The trip ID numbers for each day correspond to the trip ID numbers published on the website. We recommend that you have some backup trips in mind in case your first choices fill up during the registration process.  If you get a "Low Inventory" pop-up message, this means that a trip you selected has filled while you have been on the site.  Click the "Edit" button in the pop-up window to make a new selection before finishing registration.  If you exit or use the back arrow, you will need to start your registration from the beginning.   

For Evening event details, please check the WOS conference program page.  The Saturday evening banquet is the only event that requires pre-paid tickets for you and your guests.  All other evening events are free and open to guests.  Banquet meal tickets are ONLY available in advance (one of three meal options), so please plan ahead for you and your guests.  Banquet tickets can be added to your registration anytime up to May 1st.

If you want to add meals, T-shirts or trips after you have registered for the main conference, you will need to go through the process again using the "Return Attendee" selection in the Registration type section.  That way you won't get charged a second registration fee.   It will not show your items already purchased unfortunately.  Select any new items to add and then enter your contact information again.  It will warn you that this is a duplicate entry, but it should go through to Paypal for the added items with no problem.

Payment for your registration can be made by check, credit card or with PayPal.  If you choose credit card, it will send you to the PayPal site to process payment at the end of registration.  For those who prefer to pay by check, the address for the WOS Treasurer will be available in your registration confirmation email.  If you have trouble with payment, please call Tracy 206-356-9180 , and she can help process it manually.

The new 2019 WOS Conference T-shirts are available for purchase through online registration. This year's T-shirt will feature original artwork by Lisa Hill of four blackbirds (pictured above) on a short-sleeved light grey T-shirt in unisex or ladies' options.  Pre-paid purchases will be ready for pickup on the first evening of the conference from the registration desk.  Size exchanges will be accommodated where possible. We are also contemplating offering a long-sleeve version later in the year.  

There are additional options for making a donation to the WOS General Fund or the Patrick Sullivan Young Birders Fund at the end of registration.  The Patrick Sullivan Young Birders’ Fund awards competitive grants to encourage and support young people interested in birding.  Learn more at http://wos.org/psybf. We appreciate your support! 
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Conference Attendee     $65.00
Student Attendee     $35.00
Field Trip Leader/Co-Leader     $.00
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