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Understanding Challenging Behaviour

The characteristics of Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) often manifest in challenging behaviour, causing school support personnel much distress as they struggle to understand and address the behaviors. Thankfully, there is a large evidence-base of effective instructional strategies to support positive behaviour in children and teens with ASD. This 2-day introductory super-workshop will prepare you to answer questions such as: For what reasons does challenging behaviour occur? How can I find out why my student is engaging in such behaviour? How can I limit the likelihood of challenging behaviour, both before it has occurred and after? Participants will walk away having learned how to begin planning to make improvements in the challenging behaviour displayed by the students in their classrooms.

Who is this SuperWorkshop For?

This workshop is appropriate for K-12 classroom teachers, resource teachers, learning support teachers, case-managers, and other professionals who are not yet familiar with assessment and intervention of challenging behaviour. The workshop is particularly beneficial for those who can attend as a school team (e.g., the classroom teacher, case manager, and EAs for a student with challenging behaviour).

Learning Outcomes - Participants will:
  • Understand the terms behaviour and challenging behaviour
  • Identify examples and non-examples of behaviours
  • Develop operational definitions of target behaviours
  • Understand how the environment influences challenging behaviour
  • Identify examples of antecedents, behaviours, and consequences from descriptions of challenging behaviour
  • Differentiate between setting events and antecedents
  • List the four main functions that behaviours serve and understand why it is important to determine the function prior to intervention
  • Discuss how to use ABC data collection to determine the function of behaviour
  • Give examples of class-wide and individual antecedent and reinforcement strategies
  • Practice adapting a task for an individual student
  • Use an intervention plan template to create an antecedent intervention for a student they know
  • Create a plan for a token economy for an individual student or classroom
  • Define replacement behaviours and identify appropriate skills to teach using case studies
  • Discriminate between punishment and extinction
  • Discuss the pitfalls of using punishment procedures
  • Develop datasheets using a case study
  • Identify the components of a competing pathway diagram
  • Develop a competing pathway diagram, identify appropriate interventions, and detail the components of the interventions

April 6 - 7, 2020
8:30 AM - 4:00 PM

4746 57th St
Delta, BC V4K 4B5

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IMPORTANT Registration Information

Participants are encouraged to attend as school teams if possible.
  • Tuition is free for all BC/Independent school district employees
  • $25 non-refundable admin fee (payable by all attendees) for materials and administration
  • Day 1 and Day 2 format will both include a combination of content/knowledge and hands on activities.
  • A certificate will only be issued if BOTH days are attended. Attendance of the first day is mandatory for the second day. 
  • Workshop runs from 8:30am to 4pm. (Check-in starts at 8:00am. Session begins by 8:30am)
Please note that we are limited to 30 seats for this workshop. 

Please note that Proficiency in English language is required for POPARD training. You must be able to speak/listen and read/write English to a standard equivalent to grade 10 high school English or better. Take a moment to review all of our Course Policies and Registration Information.
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Date and Time: Apr 6 & 7 8:30 am to 4:00 pm, check in at 8am
Understanding Challenging Behavior   
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Training Location Details
Course Time: 8:30am-4pm (check-in begins at 8:15am)

Venue: POPARD (4746 57th Street, Delta, BC). We are in the portables next to the fire hall.

Parking/Transit: There is ample street parking and a limited number of spots in the POPARD parking lot. Please DO NOT park in any of the reserved spaces. If you are taking transit, the Ladner Exchange is nearby.

Coffee, tea & cookies will be provided as a snack. We suggest you pack a lunch (there is a McDonald's and 7-11 convenience store nearby). Please note POPARD's kitchen facilities are for staff only.


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