P's and Cues - Fall 2020 Interactive Virtual Shows

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Classes are forming for a 6-week virtual series of the P's and Cues interactive puppet show program beginning the week of Oct. 26th. The first 2 weeks are now being offered FREE for ALL participants!

The program is suitable for ages 3 through 2nd grade. Registration is for the same time each week so that participants can become part of a class. After the first 2 FREE weeks, you'll be contacted to see if your child wants to continue. The fee is then $40 for the remaining 4 weeks, and you'll be provided with payment options at that time. Siblings on the same screen are free.

To register, place a "1" next to the drop-down box below to select the day/time you prefer, complete the information on page 2, and be sure to hit "register" as the final step. If siblings are participating together in the same class, you only need to complete one registration. Weekly 
emails with instructions, downloads, and Zoom links will be provided during the 6-week series. 

Classes begin the week of Oct. 26th and go through the week of Dec. 7th (no classes Thanksgiving week). New participants may join class times that are not full at any time during the 6-week series and pay a pro-rated fee if joining during the last 4 weeks.

Registration     Quantity

Mondays at 1:30    
Tuesdays at 1:30    
Tuesdays at 3:30    
Wednesdays at 1:30    
Wednesdays at 3:30    
Thursdays at 1:30    
Thursdays at 3:30    
Fridays at 3:30    

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