Cyber Intelligence Collection Manager's Course - December 9-11, 2019 Fort Myers, FL

Tentative Date
December 9 - 11, 2019
7:45 AM


Fort Myers, FL 33913

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Registration Information - Treadstone 71 Cyber Intelligence Manager's Course
Course syllabus and content proprietary to Treadstone 71

2019 Course Dates - Locations 
Jan 14-18 Cyber Intelligence - Amsterdam, NL - Completed
March 4-8 Cyber Intelligence - Reston, VA - Completed
March 11-15 Cyber CounterIntelligence - Reston, VA

June 17-21 Cyber Intelligence - Atlanta, GA
July 15-19  Cyber Intelligence - Hoboken, NJ
August 5-9 Cyber Intelligence - Herndon, VA
September 9-13 Cyber Intelligence - Zurich, Switzerland
October 7-11 Cyber Intelligence - Ft Myers, FL 
November 11-15 Cyber Intelligence - Ft Myers, FL
December 9-11 Cyber Intelligence Collection Manager - Ft. Myers, FL

NEW COURSE - Cyber Intelligence Collection Manager - May 6-8, 2019 - Fort Myers, Florida
Intelligence for the C-Suite (On demand)

For questions on the course, contract Treadstone 71 at osint AT treadstone71 DOT com
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Three-day course

Non-inclusive Course Outline:
Treadstone 71 Cyber Intelligence Collection Manager’s Course
  • Collection Planning
  • Interpretation of Stakeholder Needs
  • PIRs / SIRs
  • Mission and Requirements Management
    • Convert RFI’s to collection requirements
      • Converting intelligence-related information requirements into collection requirements
        • Establish priorities
        • Coordinate with other internal and external sources
        • Iterative re-tasking
        • Anticipate collection requirements
        • Validate preplanned collection tasks
        • Update adaptive collection plans
  • Collection Planning Forms and Tracking
    • The Collection Manager’s Matrix
  • Credibility / Validity / Relevance
    • Probability Scoring
  • Data Provenance - Dates/Times
    • Types of Evidence
    • Screening Sources
  • Data Segmentation and Prioritization
    • Establishing a program of record
  • Intelligence Gaps
  • Targeting
    • Cyber DECIDE, DETECT, DELIVER and ASSESS (D3A) framework
  • Open Source Collection
  • Tools, Methods, Resources
    • Using the TIP 
    • Vendor Report Reviews
    • Threat Intelligence Platform Use and Data Extraction 
    • Tagging strategies
  • The Standard Desktop
  • Rules of Engagement
    • Escalation Guidelines and Rules
    • Passive Collection
  • Observables
    • Strategic, Tactical, Technical
  • Iterative Approaches and Feedback Loop
  • Data/Information dissemination
  • Continuous monitoring of collection results
  •        Meeting SIR requirements
    • Awareness of production and analysis status
    • Redirects and information reporting to
  • Collection plan effectiveness
  •        Feedback loop
  •        After action reviews – at any time
  • Collection Operational Security
  • Collection Planning Process Flow and Metrics
  • Collection Manager Oversight
  • Collection Manager Communications and Sharing
Learn how to drive integrated information gathering on a strategic, operational, and tactical topics
Explore methods of research and acquire publicly available information in response to intelligence gaps
Expand your ability to identify relevant sources for data collection
Support internal cyber and threat intelligence develop, acquire, evaluate and/or implement collection tools and methodologies
Devise methods to develop information discoverability processes

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Registration     Pay by November 20, 2019

Regular Registration     $2,490.00
Event Details

Monday-Wednesday December 9-11, 2019.  Laptops without corporate controls required.  Personal laptops allowed.  Administrative access required.  Pre-requisites - Strong understanding of the Internet and web browsers. MAC or PC is fine but PCs preferred. Tablets will not work.

All students need to take the below Myers-Briggs personality test prior to the class.  This may be performed here:

Target audience:  CISOs, SOC Managers, Cyber / Information Security VPs, Directors, Analysts, Intelligence analysts, law enforcement, Intelligence Community, and those wishing to learn proper methods of analysis.

No refunds allowed after April 1, 2019. Refunds are minus processing fees. Please read the course end user license agreement:

Course EULA


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