Cyber Counterintelligence Training - Reston, Virginia

March 11 - 15, 2019
7:45 AM

Courtyard Marriott Dulles Airport Herndon
13715 Sayward Blvd
Herndon, VA 20170

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Treadstone 71 Cyber Counterintelligence Training March 11-15, 2019
Pre-requisite: Cyber Intelligence Tradecraft Certification 
Online Training
Contract Treadstone 71 for possible Pre-requisite waiver options. info AT treadston71 DOT com
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2019 Course Dates - Locations 
Jan 14-18 Cyber Intelligence - Amsterdam, NL - Completed
March 4-8 Cyber Intelligence - Reston, VA - Completed
March 11-15 Cyber CounterIntelligence - Reston, VA

June 17-21 Cyber Intelligence - Atlanta, GA
July 15-19  Cyber Intelligence - Hoboken, NJ
August 5-9 Cyber Intelligence - Herndon, VA
September 9-13 Cyber Intelligence - Zurich, Switzerland
October 7-11 Cyber Intelligence - Ft Myers, FL 
November 11-15 Cyber Intelligence - Ft Myers, FL
December 9-11 Cyber Intelligence Collection Manager - Ft. Myers, FL

NEW COURSE - Cyber Intelligence Collection Manager - May 6-8, 2019 - Fort Myers, Florida
Intelligence for the C-Suite (On demand)

Courtyard by Marriott Dulles Airport Herndon
13715 Sayward Blvd., Herndon VA 20171

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"This is hands down one of the best cyber training I have attended. It is a rare balance of an instructor who is an expert at the material he presented, and one who is able to present the material to those unfamiliar with the subject of intelligence. The hands-on scenarios highlight the relevance of the subject matter and how to effectively identify and counter such campaigns. Anyone working in support of the government should absolutely benefit from this training. The analysis, tools, and techniques presented can be translated to real-world skills directly after the class. I will absolutely try to attend any other training offered by Treadstone71 and Jeff Bardin."
"As technology constantly and rapidly changes, so does the way our information is attacked and gathered.  Society is being shown, that not only in the cyber realm but in human intelligence gathering, the lengths people will go to in order to obtain information.  Treadstone71 courses allow professionals on all levels, the ability to learn methods, techniques, and tools;  to not only collect information, but to recognize and counter the gathering, analytics, and critical thinking skills utilized in intelligence and denial and deception.   The hands-on case studies, scenarios, and team presentations provide the ability for the extensive comprehension necessary to strengthen both your personal and professional intelligence capabilities.  Mr. Bardin as an instructor is very cognizant, accomplished and well-informed in the realm of his teachings and the culture of Cyber Intelligence and Counter-Intelligence.  I would highly suggest that anyone working in any sort of Intelligence, Security, System Administration, Information Systems Officer, attend his courses.  I have had the privilege to attend two courses so far (Cyber Intelligence and Cyber Counter Intelligence) and look forward to attending as many as Treadstone71 has available.  Don’t' miss out, be vigilant, be smart, be proactive."

Course syllabus and content proprietary to Treadstone 71
This course presents the student with foundational concepts and processes in the discipline of cyber counterintelligence with a focus on cyber counterintelligence missions, defensive counterintelligence, offensive counterintelligence, and counterespionage as these realms apply to traditional tradecraft, and how they are or will evolve into the cyber domain. By starting with traditional counterintelligence and progressing to cyber counterintelligence, the student will develop an appreciation for collection efforts, exploitation of potential threats, insider concerns, and the risks and benefits of counterintelligence.

With the expanding importance of the comprehensive and timely need for intelligence for nations as well as businesses, the student will explore the essential elements that make up the intelligence cycle with a focus on how these pivotal points are exploited. As part of this class, the exploration of the continued importance of critical thinking, as well as out-of¬the-box analysis, will be heavily leveraged to improve the critical-thinking skills of the students.  As cyber topics continue to evolve, the increased importance of cyber intelligence is growing and as such the protection of our intelligence cycles will expand as well; emphasizing the growing need to ensure our processes are not compromised in a cyber-dominated landscape.  Cyber Counterintelligence is one aspect and possibly one of the most crucial topics at the core of protecting our collection efforts. The potential for active defense or offensive cyber counterintelligence operations will be covered.

The course will rely heavily on individual research and group discussion to explore the world of cyber counterintelligence, and where applicable, make use of the student’s ability to do independent thinking and analysis of in-class problems assigned through weekly discussion threads. This course focuses on open source intelligence and adversaries while creating online personas to assist in data collection and information extraction. This introductory course examines open source intelligence collection as well as the availability and use of OSINT tools. Students will be able to understand the use methods of only anonymity, the fundamentals behind cyber persona development, enrollment in various social media sites and applications, and how these current methods can be employed in their organizations to assist in operational cyber security, their defense against adversaries, and passive data collection.  The establishment of cyber personas takes patience and time to create a credible resource. Parallel activities occur through the outline above. Treadstone 71 maintains separation from the client as required maintaining confidentiality of methods and processes.

Sitreps and current intelligence may redirect activities. The intent is to establish a program of cyber and open source intelligence that creates data streams for analysis. Data streams take the time to develop to establish links, trends, tendencies and eventually, anticipatory and predictive analysis. The desire is to move from a detective approach to one that is preventive while moving too predictive.  

Cyber CounterINT1 - Cyber Infiltration, Information Operations, Information Support Operations National Counterintelligence Strategy, Standard Glossary and Taxonomy, Mission-Based Counterintelligence, Counter Collection and Anticipation, Denial and Deception, Counter-Denial and Deception, Cyberspace, Open Source Intelligence, Methods of collection, Specific tools, Social media sites and enrollment, Methods of Social Media Research, Tools and Techniques, Social media demographics, Establish Priority Intelligence Requirements, Establish Information Requirements, Cyber Target Acquisition and Exploitation, Validation of target, Identify active adversary campaigns, Intent, Motivation, Goals, & Requirements, Passive data collection, Campaign development, Target sites, Enrollment, Tactics, techniques, and procedures, Intent, motivation, goals, and requirements, Vectors of approach, Courses of action, Elicitation and exfiltration
Cyber CounterINT2 - Perception as Deception, Social Psychology, Differences in Culture, Diversity, Hofstede Dimensions, Social Psychology, Reciprocity, Consistency, Social validation, Liking, Authority, Scarcity, Big 5 Theory of Personality, Information Warfare and Cyber Psychological Operations, Target analysis and message manipulation where applicable, Persona creation, establishment, maintenance, expansion (depending upon taking Cyber Intelligence Course), Data collection – recycle for Cyber CI updates/improvements, Authoring of blogs and articles for influencing, Placement of specific concepts and phrases

Cyber CounterINT3 – The Cyber Persona Layer, Persona creation and implementation, Cyber Persona Development and Maintenance, Character archetypes, Leveraging existing, Create new, Establish the storyline, Establish the plot synopsis, Story weaving and management, Snuggling, Collection, Linkages, trends, tendencies
Cyber CounterINT4 - Target profiles – dossiers, Target gap analysis, Define the mission so that it aligns with organizational objectives, Clandestine Collection Operation, Surveillance, Counter Surveillance, CI Activities, CI Analysis and Production, CI Analysis Reporting, Support Brief, Source Evaluation, Operational analysis report, Asset Evaluation, Support Package, CI Assessment, CI Campaign, Mission, Mission Management, Operations, Effects-Based Operations, Functions and Services

Cyber CounterINT5 - CI Insider Threat, Investigations, Prepare an estimate of the situation, Prepare the plan,  Support Plan,CyberMedia selection, Internet OPSEC, Product development, Pretesting - determines the probable impact on the target audience, Production and dissemination of material, Implementation, Post-testing - evaluates audience responses, Feedback, Ten Commandments of Cyber Counterintelligence,  Research and analyze methods of influencing adversaries from a variety of information sources
Team/Individual Presentations

Lecture, Hands-on, Apprenticeship, in class exercises (Live Case Studies), student presentations, templates, course material—40 CPEs 5-days

All Case Studies use all methods, techniques, and tools referenced in the course material. The Case Studies used are straight from the headlines giving students real-world experience during the class.

The course runs over five consecutive days covering Monday through Friday afternoon.  Students are expected to attend each hour of each day since the course is comprehensive with each day building upon the next. Days may start at 7:45 AM. Breakfast, lunch, and afternoon snacks/tea are provided. Lunches are usually working lunches. Class minimum is 10 with a maximum of 25. 

Send an email to from a corporate account to validate course eligibility before registration. (Corporate accounts are not Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo and the like).

Course Fee, Course Lab, and Materials Fee (includes books, templates, structured techniques application, etc.).
$4990.00 required 
This course combines lecture, research, and hands-on team assignments. Students need to bring a laptop (PC or MAC) that does not have corporate controls (tablets will not suffice). PCs work best

Breakfast and lunch served daily
Afternoon snack provided

Course material is not for resale or commercial use outside the end user license agreement. Course material may not be used for competitive purposes.

You must attend the full class in order to receive all course material and the certification. Certification is granted after completion of course instruction and hands-on application of the concepts in 3 to 4 team exercises. If a student leaves the class prior to course completion, neither the certification is granted nor is the course material covered after the student leaves made available.  Lectures and associated materials posted each day after each lecture. This method supports the student in a just-in-time manner. This method ensures full understanding of the material without discovering course plot lines until the proper time. The course is architected to support a particular process flow and learning method.
This event closed for registrations on 3/15/2019
Event Details

Monday through Friday Date TBD

Laptops without corporate controls required.  Personal laptops allowed.  Administrative access required.  Pre-requisites - Strong understanding of the Internet and web browsers. MAC or PC is fine but PCs perferred. Tablets will not work.

All students need to take the below Myers-Briggs personality test prior to the class.  This may be performed here:

Target audience:  CISOs, SOC Managers, Cyber / Information Security VPs, Directors, Analysts, Intelligence analysts, law enforcement, Intelligence Community, and those wishing to learn proper methods of analysis.

No refunds allowed after January 30, 2019 Refunds are minus processing fees. Please read the course end user license agreement:

Course EULA


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