CANP Payment of Annual Dues - Membership Renewal

October 15 2020 - December 31, 2021

Membership Categories
Regular Member - $200/yr for 2020 or earlier, $300/yr from 2021
Active membership is open to all graduates in medicine or veterinary medicine who have completed their residency/fellowship and are practicing Neuropathology in Canada or elsewhere, or they may have doctoral degrees in a field related to Neuropathology. Active members shall have full voting privileges, the right to be elected and serve as officers of the Association, and to serve on committees. Exceptionally, for key Canadian matters, the right of vote can be restricted. 
Senior (Retired) Member - $0/yr
Senior members shall be former regular members who upon full retirement from active professional life have requested and been granted this status. They will be exempt from payment of dues and will remain voting members so long as they desire. 
Junior Member - $0/yr
Junior (non-voting) membership is open, without payment of dues, to residents or fellows in an accredited Neuropathology training program in Canada or the United States, or to residents or fellows in an accredited Anatomical Pathology residency program with a demonstrated interest in Neuropathology. Application by the trainee must be accompanied by a letter from the training Program Director. Trainees from countries outside North America will also be accepted, under the same conditions, providing there is a firm commitment to active participation in the Association. Upon completion of Neuropathology training, the status of junior to regular membership may be converted; the junior member should request this change of the SecretaryTreasurer, and membership dues will commence for that member during that fiscal year. 
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Registration     Price Quantity

2020 Regular      C$200.00
2021 Regular      C$300.00
Senior Retired     C$.00
Junior     C$.00
2019 Regular     C$200.00
As per a motion from the members at the 2020 Annual General Meeting, annual dues for 2021 have increased $100.

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