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AVERT is a Blended Online and In-Person Course.  Students MUST complete a brief online module before attending the In-Person Training.  Once you have registered for the AVERT Course you will receive an email with a link to the Online Module, generally within 48hours.

**Students who have not completed the Online Module will not be allowed to attend the in-person training.

Weekday Classes generally start at 1pm and conclude at 5pm or they will start at 6pm and conclude at 10pm.  Please arrive at least 10 minutes prior to start time.  Weekend Classes, when offered, generally start at 2pm.  Check Registration Link to confirm exact start and end times of classes. 

AVERT Certifications are issued by the Health and Safety Institute™
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MONDAY - JULY 29TH, 2024 1pm - 5pm     $75.00
SATURDAY - AUGUST 31ST, 2024 1pm - 5pm     $75.00
Add to Calendar 3/23/2021 9:00 AM 4/25/2027 ACTIVE VIOLENCE EMERGENCY RESPONSE TRAINING - AVERT Don Reddy false MM/DD/YYYY Arrow Security, Inc 15410 N. 67TH AVENUE SUITE 11 GLENDALE, AZ 85306

REFUND POLICY: If you can't make it to your assigned class we will reschedule you for the next available class. If you miss the rescheduled class you will not be eligible for a reschedule. You will have to pay full price. No refunds once Online Module has been started.
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Note: If you reschedule you are not eligible for a refund. 

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