NFMTA Fall Festival

October 20, 2018

Johns Creek United Methodist Church
11180 Medlock Bridge Road
Johns Creek , GA 30097

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Please complete this form for your Fall Festival students. Students will bring the Adjudication Forms to the audition. Be sure to double check the spelling of student names because certificates will be printed from the information you input here. 

Complete one registration for each event. If you are registering for a Duet/Ensemble event, complete only one registration per ensemble. When you list the name of the duet partner, students will be automatically linked. 

The online registration software charges NFMTA a fee for every student registration. This fee is included as part of your audition registration fee. Therefore, there are no refunds for cancellations. We will do all we can to accommodate family schedule needs. You may wish to collect the audition fee from parents prior to registering online. 
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Event Details

NFMTA Fall Festival
Oct 20, 2018
Johns Creek United Methodist Church

Students are invited to perform for highly qualified judges who give written critiques and ratings. These judges will also select a percentage of students for Performance Awards. Additionally, each judge will be awarding a Romantic Performance Award for the best performance of a piece representing the Romantic style or era.

All teachers are required to work the day of the audition. Substitutions are not allowed. Please plan your schedule accordingly. There will be no pre or post teacher work assignments available. 

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