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What is OG?  The Orton-Gillingham approach is the most efficient strategy for delivering phonics instruction to ALL students!
It is imperative to deliver OG with fidelity, in conjunction with ongoing administrative support, for maximum success. 
The OG approach utilizes evidence-based procedures and activities to maximize the opportunities for students to apply and retain skills.  OG varies from traditional phonics instruction by its emphasis on the following instructional components:
  • Systematic – Daily lessons utilize logical lesson sequences (warm-up drills, cumulative review, teaching something new) through routine procedures (consistent directions/activities).  Systematic instruction allows students to attend to the important elements of the lesson – the content, not the directions.
  • Explicit – An “I do.  We do.  You do.” direct instruction model provides students with the necessary support to apply new skills.  Explicit instruction eliminates guesswork and reduces misunderstanding.
  • Synthetic – New skills are taught in a part to whole approach and in a scaffolded manner.  Each skill is intentionally taught for spiral review and application.  Synthetic phonics instruction typically utilizes a back-mapping approach to identify essential skills, which are then sequenced based on the prerequisite nature of subskills.
  • Multisensory – The brain processes (retrieves, responds, and retains) information using a complex wiring system.  Through procedures that involve visual, tactile/kinesthetic, and auditory exercises, information can be more efficiently processed by the brain.
Basic OG Training OverviewThis 4-week blended online course includes independent work and eight live virtual group sessions.  Live lectures take place using the Zoom platform and are scheduled from 3:30-5:00 p.m. each Monday and Thursday, through the duration of the course.  Full attendance is required.  Prior to each live Zoom session, participants will need to complete approximately 2 and ½ hours of independent coursework.  Independent coursework includes video lectures, required readings, and practice activities.  Proficiency activities, including online Knowledge Checks (quizzes), recorded video demonstrations (using the Flipgrid platform), and a one-on-one instructor sign-off activity are also course requirements for successful completion.  A detailed syllabus will be provided to ensure participants have a clear understanding of required tasks.

Here is what each week will look like:  This course lasts 4 weeks.  February 22 - March 18, 2021.
Thursday-Sunday Monday:  Zoom Meeting Tuesday-Wednesday Thursday:  Zoom Meeting
Prior to your Monday Zoom meeting, complete all required independent work as outlined in the syllabus. Fully attend your required Zoom meeting from 3:30-5:00 p.m. EST - Indianapolis Prior to your Thursday Zoom meeting, complete all required independent work as outlined in the syllabus. Fully attend your required Zoom meeting from 3:30-5:00 p.m. EST - Indianapolis
We offer two training options. Please read over the descriptions below and choose the option that best meets your needs and your purpose for training. To complete your registration, refer to the table below and "click" on “Spring 2021 Basic OG Online Training Session.  If you have any questions regarding the best training option for you, please contact Ann Puckett-Harpold:    AnnP-H@marooneyfoundation.org
We must have a full class in order to offer this training session.  Participants are encouraged to register with a colleague or team.  Because this is an online training, you will need to have access to the internet and to a computer with both audio and video viewing and recording capabilities. 

1.   Basic OG Training (All Teachers, Interventionists and Instructional Assistants who serve Grades 1 and Up)  Cost:  $150.00 per person This 22-hour course covers both the foundational and the more advanced Orton-Gillingham literacy skills.  Basic OG Course Content includes:

Critical Foundational Literacy Skills:
  • phonological and phonemic awareness
  • letter recognition and print concepts
  • early phonics skills: common word families, short vowels, consonant digraphs (h-brothers), blends/clusters and long vowels
  • high-frequency words
  • fluency
  • handwriting
Advanced Orton-Gillingham Literacy Skills:
  • six syllable types (open, closed, magic e, r-controlled, vowel team, and consonant +le)
  • syllable division strategies
  • spelling generalizations
  • morphology (common prefix and suffixes)

  2.  The IDOE Reading Specialist:  There is no additional cost for this Independent Training Module.  If you are interested in attaining the IDOE Reading Specialist Certificate, you must fully attend and complete our prerequisite 22-hour Basic OG Training session and then complete a 10-hour independent module.  The Independent Training Module includes the following:
  • reading science
  • written expression
  • diagnostic assessments
  • prescriptive lesson plans
  • dyslexia awareness
  • RtI
Spring2021:  Basic OG and IDOE Reading Specialist Training
Click here to begin your registration.  Spring 2021 Basic OG Training Session:  4 Weeks Total:  February 22 - March 18, 2021.  The cost for Basic OG training is $150.00 per person and includes all OG training materials which we will mail to each participant for this training.   Make sure your delivery address is correct on the registration.  We are unable to deliver to P.O.addresses.

For Technical Support, please contact Frank Fults at frankfults@marooneyfoundation.org.

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