Friendship Day, Sunday, May 20, 2018, 1-4pm

Hydref Fall Festival, Saturday, October 6, 2018, 11am - 4pm

18th c Sutlers & Demonstrators
Modern "Homemade" food vendors


Depreciation Lands Museum

4743 S Pioneer Road
Allison Park, PA 15101

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18th c Sutlers, Purveyors, Blanket traders & demonstrators welcome!  Indoor and Outdoor spaces available at no charge.  18th c dress required.  Must supply your own canvas, if covering is desired.

Purveyors of "homemade" foods are invited to populate the covered outdoor food court.  Fee $15, for a space which includes a 6 ft table and 2 chairs. 

--- All registrations are due 2 weeks before the event ---

Type of Vendor     Booth fee Quantity

Food Vendor, Friendship Day     $15.00
18th c Sutler/demonstrator, Friendship Day     $.00
Food Vendor, Hydref     $15.00
18th c Sutler/Demonstrator, Hydref     $.00

DLM can not guarantee exclusive rights to any one type of vendor.  DLM reserves the right to select vendors to maintain the quality of the event.

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