2018 - NW Colonial Festival

August 9 - 12, 2018
9:30 AM

NW Colonial Festival
George Washington Inn
939 Finn Hall Road
Port Angeles, WA 98362

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Reenactor Setup Details

SETUP: Reenactor's Camp Setup is scheduled from Sunday, August 5th - Wednesday, August 8th. Hours for these four setup days are 8 am - dusk each day. If alternate setup times are needed or special needs exist, please contact Stephen Pierce, horseless8@hotmail.com, Registration Coordinator. Individuals or weekend reenactors check in with Stephen Pierce, horseless8@hotmail.com (Registration Coordinator) or Roger Gary, (Safety Officer) who will direct you to your respective commanders if you are wanting to participate in the daily battles. Our firearms safety officer will review all reenactor safety procedures. Each skirmish participant must sign the 2018 Waiver and Release Agreememt and have insurance coverage, either personal or group, to be on the battlefield.

VEHICLES: All motor vehicles will need to be removed from the encampment areas by 9:00 am each morning of the event. Loading, unloading and brief parking will be allowed each evening after the event has closed for the public (after 6:00 pm). A Reenactors parking area (South of the Colonial Village) will be available for reenactor's vehicle(s).

PERIOD GUIDELINES: This is an 18th Century Reenactment Event with the specific timeline of April 19, 1775 being represented (pre Rev War). All efforts should be made to represent this specific period with clothing, tenting and accoutrements. Displays and camps in the Colonial Village are open to interpretations of the general Colonial/Rev War when exhibiting/demonstrating colonial life of the 18th century. Modern devices should stay hidden from the public during event hours. The battles are specific to April 19, 1775 and should reflect that in dress and firearms.

CAMP SITES: Please list your camp area/needs (i.e. Marquis, Military Wedge, Fly, etc.). Three camp areas will be available: British Military, Colonial Militia Camp & Colonial Village Camp. Seasonal Fire Restrictions will be in effect so all fires must be in period braziers or enclosed fire grates. Allowances have been made for a cooking firepit subject to change anytime by the Fire Marshall. A burn ban may be in effect in the county at event time. 

FOOD: Food will be available for purchase onsite from the vendors during the public hours. Any "COMPLIMENTARY" food tickets or refreshments will be included with your registration or provided when you arrive at the event. Provisions are available also at the Agnew Grocery at Matson and Old Olympic Hwy within walking distance.

MILITARY: Militia & British Commanders will provide a schedule of duties for each camp and the related demonstrations of soldier & military camp life. The scheduled Battles of Lexington (10:30 AM) & Concord (2:30 PM) each day Thur, Fri, Sat & Sun. PUBLIC HOURS: 9:30 am - 5:30 pm daily. Black Powder is provided and will be available from each commander.

CIVILIAN: Civilian demonstrations will be scheduled in the Colonial Village and on the new Village Green performance area. Live 18th Century period music throughout the venue is always welcomed and encouraged. PUBLIC HOURS 9:30 am - 5:30 pm daily.

FACILITIES: Dressing Room, Restrooms and Scheduled Shower Facilities will be available for all registered Period Reenactors. 

DRINKING WATER: Additional water access has been added to the Colonial Village in two locations.

SHOWERS: These are on a scheduled daily (24/7) use. You can sign up for facility access with the designated "ShowerMaster/Mistress" in the Colonial Village.  

Specific details and and a final daily event schedule will be when available prior to the event opening.


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