Southern Oregon Plein Air 2018

June 18 - 23, 2018

Central Art
101 N Central Ave
Medford, OR 97501

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On-line registration for Southern Oregon Plein Air 2018 has been extended until June 19, 2018.
Registration for Aimee Erickson's Plein Air Workshop has been extended to June 15, 2018.

Please register as one: "Emerging Artist" or "Established Artist". Definitions of categories below. Selection of category is at the discretion of the artist

Artists do not have to register for Southern Oregon Plein Air 2018 to register for Aimee Erickson's workshop. However as space is limited, artists who are registered for Southern Oregon Plein Air 2018 will be given priority should a workshop fill up, regardless of date of registration.

Due to catering scheduling dead lines, registrations recieved after June 9, 2018 will not include the Artist Dinner.

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This event closed for registrations on 6/19/2018 11:59 PM

Event Details

Category Definitions:
Please choose the category that best describes your artistic “career” level. You do not have to be a professional artist or pursuing art as a profession to participate in Southern Oregon Plein Air 2018. If you are just starting out or not pursuing a career in art, please select the “Emerging Artist” category.

 “Emerging Artist”: A person who is in the early stage of their career. Someone who hasn’t yet established a solid reputation as an artist amongst art critics, art buyers and art galleries.
Awards: 1st Place - $300, 2nd Place $200, 3rd Place-$100.
“Established Artist”: Including “mid-career” artists, artists who have created an independent body of work over a number of years and has received regional or national recognition through publication or public presentation of their work. An artist who has had a significant number of solo exhibitions at significant galleries and/or museums, regionally, nationally or internationally.
Awards: "Best in Show"- $500, 2nd Place-$350, 3rd Place-$250.



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