2018 ArtWalk Artist Application

May 19 - September 15, 2018

Downtown Longmont
Longmont, CO

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Hello! We are accepting applications for the May 19th and September 15th events. The deadline for the May event is April 15. The deadline for the September event is August 1st. All entries are judged and not guaranteed placement.  Registration fees are non-refundable.

Artists Participate in ArtWalk in three ways:

1) Popup Gallery/Inside merchant location-  Artists are placed within sponsors/merchant venues and are chosen by the merchants. If prior arrangements have been made for placement inside a venue please advise ArtWalk prior to placement. And, please note, that all entries are judged and not guaranteed placement.  Registration fees are non refundable.

IMPORTANT INSTUCTIONS FOR ART SUBMISSIONS- Please send 3-5 images to info@artwalklongmont.org in the following format:
* JPEG Images only, should be 1000px on the shortest side. 
* Names for images shall conform to the following: FirstnameLastname01.jpg where first letter of both the artists first name and  last name are capitalized. The number should be 01, 02, 03, 04, 05. For example: AmandaJones01.jpg. 
Please understand that files will be rejected and returned if it is not turned in properly and you will receive a confirmation after receiving completed application.  Fees are listed below at $25 per event. 

2) Artist-in-Action demonstration booth/activity:
Bring your process to the street! ArtWalk will provide a street location at no charge. If you are applying for Artist-in-Action placement but do not request funding for supplies or a tent or table, you do not need to submit the fee - simply email us at info@artwalklongmont.org with a pdf of the application form found on our website. 

If your activity is hands-on for visitors, we can provide some funding for supplies. Please email info@artwalklongmont.org with a description of your process, how you'll share it with visitors, and a detailed budget request, along with any other requirements such as electricity, etc. Please also include at least two example images of your work. The fee for funding application is below at $10 per event. 

3) Artist Vendor Booth registration:
To register as a vendor to sell your work, you must have a city of Longmont sales tax license. ArtWalk cannot provide tents or tables, and your booth must be no larger than 10ft X 10ft in size. Electricity is not provided. The booth fee is listed below at $45 per event. Please complete the artist application pdf found on our website with your contact information and a description of your work, and email to info@artwalklongmont.org

We look forward to hearing from you!

Registration     Price Quantity

2018 Artist fee-Pop up/Merchant Venue-May   
2018 Artist fee-Pop up/Merchant Venue-Sept   
Artist-In-Action tent or supply funding   
request: May 19th
Artist-In-Action tent or supply funding   
request: Sept 15th
Artist Vendor Booth: May 19th     $45.00
Artist Vendor Booth: Sept 15th     $45.00

Event Details

Submissions are judged for placement. All entry fees are non-refundable.

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